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'the Eye' - Highly Recommended

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Empire magazine review:

The Eye

Starring: Lee Sin-Jie, Lawrence Chow, So Yut Lai, Candy Lo  

Director: Oxide and Danny Pang  

99 mins (Thailand/China)


A young girl, blind from the age of two, has her sight restored with a cornea transplant, only to discover the unfortunate side-effect: the ability to see disgruntled spirits.


The Pang brothers fashion a truly unnerving tale from the idea that a blind girl, who receives an experimental cornea transplant, starts seeing more than she might care to.


Comparisons with The Sixth Sense are inevitable, but the Pangs’ stunning visual flourishes puts The Eye in a veritable class of its own. Creepy as hell, The Eye makes The Sixth Sense look like Ghostbusters.


The Eye delivers an intriguing and thoroughly menacing little tale. It milks every aspect of cinema: special effects, camerawork, sound, music, editing. Hell, even the opening titles are ridiculously disturbing.


Any good?

Damn, yes! Oxide and Danny Pang direct the hell out of their films and the results are always visually exhilarating. One of the best horror movies of recent years.


I decided to post the (edited) review cos it said everything better than I could think of. With most American movies the scares are done with jump cuts and the like, this (and a lot of Asian horror) however it's the tension that'll scare the hell out of you. American movies don't scare me but movies like this, Ring or Audition have been able to get under my skin and fuck about.


This is a very disturbing movie, "makes The Sixth Sense look like Ghostbusters" is completely true, but not only is it a good movie in terms of scares, acting and direction wise it is very strong as well. Yes it has flaws, it lags in places, especially near the end but then comes back with the finale, one of the highlights.


I recommend this highly, one of those movies that'd probably never be seen, but if I can get even one person to check it out it'll be worth it.

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There was another movie awhile back where someone had received an eye transplant but he got the eyes od a serial killer and he started to pick up the murders where the killer left off. Can't remember which movie that was though.


Your version sounds much better done thou, should be interesting.

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Now now children....


KoS, I got very excited today as I picked up the film schedule for Broadway Cinema and saw that they are showing 'The Eye' in early November. I'll give my reaction once I've seen it, I'm looking forward to it.


28 days is out soon too. Booyah! Also, let me know what you reckon of Donnie Darko once you get a chance to see it.

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Well I've seen it. Out of the blue I got a call from my local independent cinmea and got personally invited to a preview screening.


I enjoyed it, although it was another film where I didn't think the ending was that great. My favourite scene had to be the elevator scene, creepy as hell, no spoilers but anyone whose seen it will know what I mean.


I'd proably say 'My Little Eye' had me squirming a little more but both were good, and miles better than 'Sixth Sense'.


"Have you seen my report card....?" :D

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  • 11 months later...

Finally got around to seein this one, courtesy of Spiffytee & Netflix...damn that was freaky! Like a fun japanese sixth sense. Im with KOS & MLB; caligraphy scene & elevator were freaky as fuck...


Overall, had hints of Silent hill-type horror, and did that Ring thing where, like KOS said, it keeps you right below reallly scared quite often.

I really enjoyed it, im wantin to see more freaky movies now, so its between Ringu 2 and tryin to find one of the ones 2Track mentioned in the "horro movies" thread. Anyone else who can recommend freaky shit like this, lemme know!


PS spiffy if you see this, try to remember who has Audition, man, im up for that one too.

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ok, saw this along with the ic, but something didn't quite make this one stand out. of course, there are a lot of good things to this movie, along with some silly things too.



-keeps you wound up

(since they don't go all out, you don't know how far they will go)

-neat twists.

-pretty good with what chinese cinema has to offer



-resolution (village chick) somewhat lacking

-keeps yelling i wanna be like sixth sense


-kinda not a movie you'd watch more than once

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