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Xenoblade Chronicles has an action-based battle system where normal attacks will happen automatically at intervals, similar to the set up in Final Fantasy XII. However, special attacks known as arts each have their own cool down time as opposed to being on a continuous time queue with normal attacks and are performed manually by the player. Arts for each character have to be set on a "battle palette" at the bottom of the screen, which can be modified outside of battle. Movement of the character in play also needs to be executed manually with the analog stick, however this only plays an integral role when using Shulk's arts as they are more effective if used from the side or behind. Xenoblade also has the "Visions" system, where Shulk can see glimpses of the future, and the player has to try to react or prevent it from happening.


The game is known to have a number of features labeled as "Time Saving Support Features". For instance, while the game will have a day and night time cycle, players can "wind the clock" to the time they want to go to, rather than just letting time elapse. Additionally, while the game is about exploration, many warp points will be added to aid in traversing the land. The game will also sport a "save anywhere" feature, a feature relatively rare among the console RPG genre.


Another of the game's systems is the "bonds system", in which characters can partake in many optional sidequests with non-player characters. Completing such quests can alter perception of the character in the towns, and open up additional story sequences.














Time to track down some Wii component cables.

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if you want, you can borrow mine, man. i should have enough to hold me over on other things for a few weeks if you need em.


I take back all the mean things I said about you behind your back.


I still need to drop off the 3 games you've been asking for.

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Also, if your comp can handle it(I'm hearing about 3.2ghz and up) there's seeting to get it at 30fps and 1080p on dolphin(30 fps is wii speed). Also there's a texture pack if you use a 360 controller on pc to swap all button imgs to that. Thankfully I've got such a long backlog that I'llbe holding off of this for a bit, still not sure if I'll borrow newts and wii it up or do 1080p on dolphin. back to tits(trails in the sky)

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damn, that setting/mod sound tight. im gonna keep working on PCSX2, but will finally be overclocking my shit in the next month or two to prep for dolphin, now that the latest build uses more cores and has a lotta stable settings for most games i wanna play. those custom ones are awesome to hear though.

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you do know that soft modding the wii is like a 5 minute process now right?


I mean fuck them completely and for the 3DS as well but yeah easy as pie to do it now.


*edit and yes one day I will fucking learn to check who's logged in ...

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I think what happened was Gamestop corporate decided to cover some of the cost of bringing it here in exchange for this. Like when Adult Swim funded Big O Season 2.


So go and get this. Big O needs its third season.




It's showtime!

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