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Wrestling voted out of the Olympics


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Wrestling (AKA Greco Roman wrestling) has been voted out of the Olympics starting 2020.


I had trouble following the details of the procedure, but the decision isn't final yet. It doesn't look good, though, as 7 sports compete for one available spot. Most of the rationale comes apparently from the voters being concerned for revenue and loyalty to 'their' sport.


Wrestling is one of the original olympic sports. Next to running, it's probably the most primal.


It seems ridiculous that golf is voted into the olympics with racewalking at the same time wrestling is removed. As one writer at CNN put it, 'Hercules wept.'


I suspect that in the end wrestling won't get cut because the cries of 'you sold out' will be bad PR for them. They value their false image of non-corporate, pure-sport event too much to let this spoil their image. Better by far for them to drop wushu, wakeboarding and baseball which won't draw such fire.

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I know Wrestling isn't the most popular Olympic sport, but how is it considered to be anywhere near the bottom of the list in popularity, so much so that it is in serious consideration of being cut? And Wrestling has seen a reassurance recently, as it is one of the four main fighting styles used in MMA, which gets more popular every year.

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yeah, panch, mike & other wrestlers have been on about this, it's kinda embarrassing. i don't really follow the olympics much (stuff id like to see like boxing, fencing etc doesn't usually get coverage) but the absence of such a fundamental sport makes no sense.

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