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windwaker thing should go in the windwaker thread, if not a new one!


baytor - it's me being picky, i love the GC hardware/OS and wanted to see it again. it boots right up with no fuss, so it's kind've a window to gens not cluttered down OS wise for me, alongside the dreamcast. i've also got a GBA player attached to it.


further - and ive had to look this up to verify it wasnt just me - gamecube games over component actually look better/cleaner than over the wii's. it's not a huge jump, but in my eyes it's like going from say s-video to VGA or component: colors are a bit crisper/defined, etc.

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So anyway after finally finding my launch gamecube last week I realized holy shit this was a great system and fuck there are lots of games I never got around to playing... fuck


So yes I'm using this to document both my current and growing collection(might be slow as I'm poor) and for all of us to talk about all the shit we used to love.


Right now I've got my black console and a couple of controllers and my beloved wavebird(best wireless controller ever) as for games I've got Smash bros, Wind Waker, Skies of Arcadia legends, Zelda collectors disc and eternal Darkness.


Things I really want,

huge ass list of games

GBA Player

Orange Gamecube

red gundam gamecube

component cables(fuck you nintendo)

some of the cooler jpn controllers(mario, luigi, wario)

maybe a Panny Q someday.


Also I blame nick for this!


So whats some of your favorite memories?

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man, this thing has been on my want list for so long...and here we are, in THE YEAR OF LUIGI


just ordered a cheapish copy of Skies of Arcadia Legends (music's not as good as the DC one, but encounter rate is said to be kinder) and a $10 Resident Evil 0 from Craigslist, trying to snipe some auctions for cheap copies of Star Fox Adventures, Billy Hatcher & PSO 1/2. a cheap copy of Super Monkey Ball shouldn't be hard to get back, and maybe Mario Sunshine again for the right price, that should about do my GC library for the moment.

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