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Considering that that movie has already slipped off the map mere weeks after it was consumed by the zeitgeist, I don't think it's going to blaze a lot of trails for pop culture.

Eh, what's your "zeitgeist consumption" timeline there, pal? The film won two big Oscars. It made money. So Hollywood needs recognize the market and give me more quality American-wilderness-in-the-early-1800s themed drama, damnit!
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Stephen Dorff joins TRUE DETECTIVE Season 3



Dorff will play Roland West, an Arkansas State Investigator who, along with his partner, has his life and career influenced over three decades by a baffling crime.

As with the breakout original installment of True Detective, Pizzolatto is the sole writer of the third season with the exception of Episode 4, which he co-wrote with David Milch. Jeremy Saulnier is the Season 3 director alongside Pizzolatto, who will make his directorial debut.



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I stuck with it.  I don't remember it being awful, and I remember genuinely liking parts of it.  True Detective season 2 committed three crimes in my eyes:  Having to follow Season 1 at all (which set an hard to meet bar), Rushing production to capitalize on the success of Season 1, and almost entirely dropping the occult angle that helped differentiate Season 1 from typical police procedurals.  There were a few plot points that dipped their toes into the occult, but they were dangling threads from the original intended direction for season 2.  I'm good for another go, and hopefully they can recapture some of the magic that made Season 1 special.      

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late as hell, but


Jeremy Saulnier leaves "True Detective" Season 3 after 2 episodes.






Director and executive producer Jeremy Saulnier, set to split directing duties for the entire run with show creator Nic Pizzolatto, has left after completing the first two episodes. Prolific TV helmer Daniel Sackheim, known for FX's The Americans, is filling the void. Though the show's episode count is still unknown, Sackheim is expected to divide up all the episodes with Pizzolatto, who is stepping into the director's chair for the first time this season.

An HBO spokesperson issued the following statement on the switch: "Director and executive producer Jeremy Saulnier has completed the first two episodes of True Detective season 3 and will be departing the production due to scheduling issues. Daniel Sackheim has come on board as a director and executive producer for the series alongside series creator and director Nic Pizzolatto."

This third season stars Oscar winner Mahershala Ali and tells the story of a macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks, a mystery that's said to deepen over decades and play out in three separate time periods. Pizzolatto is the sole writer on the series, with the exception of David Milch, who co-wrote the fourth episode. Carmen Ejogo, Stephen Dorff, Scoot McNairy, Mamie Gummer and Ray Fisher round out the cast.





Did you pull out of the third episode of “True Detective” season 3 solely because of those scheduling conflicts, or was it also because of creative differences between you and Nic Pizzolatto? 

I don’t speak on the record about that.

Well, that says plenty.

It was a tough time, but I’m hoping it will really catapult me into a new realm of filmmaking because I found my limits and I was able to function at a high speed in a very tough environment, and I’m grateful for that experience. But, um, I’m eager to kind of put that in my rear-view mirror.


..it'd be cool if this wasn't another trainwreck, but i'm not hopeful 

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