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One of the best shows this year, hands-down...had to bring the thread back.


First 'True Detective' Season 2 story details leaked?


To maintain the show's essence, the second season script was written by Nic Pizzolato again, who revealed that season two "is not about solving a murder mystery but a story of a detective chasing after an elusive criminal," according to Breathecast. Fans can at least rejoice as the script and other preparations for the much-awaited season are already ongoing.


No idea yet if it'll tie back to

the cult of season 1



...also: ustin Lin Eyed To Direct ‘True Detective’, or at least a few eps anyway

















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i mean, i know we lost the OG thread but yeah, this is totally one of those shows i'm surprised more hondonians don't love - good pacing, great character acting over dark lovecraftian tones/philosophy. no idea the extent (if at all) next season ties into the overarching plot here but i can't wait.

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Okay, Hondo's, what did y'all make of S2E1?


The new theme somg was awful. Just terrible. I wish they would've used the song from the trailers. Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams characters seem to be the most compelling for me so far. Four main characters and the "bad guy" were all introduced, so it was "busier" than S1E1, but still pretty damned good drama. I am excited to see where this all goes and how these four characters interact on this murder mystery.

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I wouldn't call it a "snoozefest" by any means, but I think ye ol' writer/creator Nick Pizzolato got a bit too full of himself after the success of S1 and maybe didn't take enough time to refine the writing like in S1. He's gone four episodes in and S2 is vacillating between good and mediocre whereas S1 vacillated between great and genius. The Taylor Kitsch character seems pretty superfluous four episodes in. And we've got so little progress on the "main mystery" but I'm hoping this connection to McAdams' character pays off as she and Ferrell's crooked cop are the two most interesting things about this show. Vaughn is playing his role well, it's just not a lot going on for him it seems. :/

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Season 2: had its moments. Potential galore. In the end... flat :/

Agreed. I felt like this would've been a potentially really good movie with the right director.


As for the last episode, help me out here...


Where have I seen that Vince Vaughn death scene before? I know Ihave seen something nearly identical before--injured man halucinating in the desert as he walks to his death and realizes he's already stopped walking. That whole thing reeked of deja vu in a not so good way. Ditto for Vaughn's goodbye to his wife.


The writing really let me down most of all this season. Maybe creator/showrunner Nick P. let success go to his head or maybe he wasn't as instrumental to the success of S1 as I thought. :/

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HBO’s Michael Lombardo Takes The Hit For True Detective Season 2



True Detective premiered on HBO as a true original. An instant masterpiece, it starred two veteran film actors, Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, who clearly enjoyed such an in-depth project. The writing was cleverly structured and broke new ground for television. It placed the satanic detective subgenre of horror into a police procedural, threw obscure literary clues around like they were yellow confetti and explored the dark mystical underworld of Louisiana outside the bayou. The first season of True Detective was written by one screenwriter, Nic Pizzolato, and every episode was directed by Cary Fukunaga.


True Detective season 2 didn’t quite live up to the expectations of its premiere season. While not the failure most reviewers said it was, it abandoned the mystical for the profane, but mundane, political maneuverings of California’s wealthy elite. It had a different cast, a different setting and an entirely different trajectory. While it was still written entirely by Pizzolato, different directors handled different episodes.


It was deemed a failure, unfairly, as far as we here are Den of Geek believe. HBO's President of Programming Michael Lombardo is a good fella. He’s a stand-up guy. Lombardo picks what we see on HBO and doesn’t throw people under the bus. If people think True Detective failed, which he doesn’t, then he says it’s his fault. He rushed it through, probably caught up in his own exuberance for quality programming.


“When a show doesn’t work, how do you figure out what went wrong? I’m going to talk about a specific show, True Detective,” Lombardo told scpr.org in a recent interview. “The first season was extraordinary television. The second season — and you may disagree with me — but a lot of people think it was an inferior version of the first season. What are the lessons you take away?”


The executive says he learned to let some people take it slow.


“I’ll tell you something. Our biggest failures — and I don’t know if I would consider True Detective 2 — but when we tell somebody to hit an air date as opposed to allowing the writing to find its own natural resting place, when it’s ready, when it’s baked — we’ve failed,” Lombardo told scpr.org.


“And I think in this particular case, the first season of True Detective was something that Nic Pizzolatto had been thinking about, gestating, for a long period of time. He’s a soulful writer. I think what we did was go, ‘Great.’ And I take the blame. I became too much of a network executive at that point. We had huge success. ‘Gee, I’d love to repeat that next year.’


“Well, you know what? I set him up. To deliver, in a very short time frame, something that became very challenging to deliver. That’s not what that show is. He had to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Find his muse. And so I think that’s what I learned from it. Don’t do that anymore.”


I don’t know if this puts True Detective Season 3 in any jeopardy, but remember, this is the network that waited years before giving Lisa Kudrow a second season.





Gave up on it after one episode and now that's looking like it was a good idea.

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True Detective Season 3 may be passed over for a new project


While juggernaut Game of Thrones and the final season of Damon Lindelof's Peabody-winning drama The Leftovers shouldn't require too much of Bloys' time, other decisions, including the fate of True Detective, now fall to him. (HBO sources suggest a new project from creator Nic Pizzolatto is more likely.)




damn, the fall from season 1 to 2 sounds tremendous, such a shame











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Damn. I feel like S2 of True Detective wouldn't have been such a let down if S1 wasn't so damn perfect. I mean, S2 wasn't bad. It just had these super high expectations. I hope Nick P. gets another shot at episodic crime drama on HBO, whatever it may be called.


They said after S2 they'd give Nick P. more time to come up with S3, so I wasn't really expecting a S3 this summer. So the really upsetting piece of that article for me was this:

Meanwhile, the network was forced to delay or outright kill a collection of other high-profile projects, including two shows from David Fincher, a limited series from Steve McQueen, a Lewis & Clark mini and big-budget sci-fi drama Westworld, in which Bloys has become heavily involved trying to get it back on track.

I was looking forward to Westworld on HBO. They even aired teasers for it! Also, I'd like to see what HBO would do with a L&C miniseries. You'd think the success of the Revenant would help get that one pushed through. :/

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I'd like to see what HBO would do with a L&C miniseries. You'd think the success of the Revenant would help get that one pushed through. :/


Considering that that movie has already slipped off the map mere weeks after it was consumed by the zeitgeist, I don't think it's going to blaze a lot of trails for pop culture.

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