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like any controller, i can't say much until i get some time with it, but...thoughts? weird to use a game like Witcher 3 (wasn't that based around controller setups?), but i'm down for anything that makes keyboard & mouse more accessible, if this turns out to be that.

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This is coming from a console gamer, but I can't imagine playing The Witcher 3 with a keyboard. It's very 3rd person action-y. Feels more like Dark Souls than anything. Though I'm sure there's a different setup going on in the PC version, I wouldn't like the feeling of swinging a sword with the LMB.


That controller look fuckin weird though

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I'm not a huge fan, the touchpad makes them kind of meh for most twin-stick games like FPS and such. I could see them being alright on traditionally mouse-based games but I don't play a huge number of those and I'm faster with my trackball. I feel like the Steam controller was trying so hard to work for every kind of game it made itself the 2nd or often 4th best option for most. capacitance touchpads as primary interfaces for a gamepad wasn't a great choice.

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