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Been following this one since PT was murdered. Didn't think much of it at first, kinda brushed it off as an indie trying to capitalize on PT's death. Then I heard it was actually being developed before we even knew what PT was. So that kinda made my ears perk up a bit more. Little by little the pieces started coming together, then I watched that gameplay... We're living in a beautiful gaming era guys.


Stick around to the end, it's completely worth it.


"At this point pretty much all of our core mechanics are in place, however, some actually didn't make the cut-off for the video," the YouTube description reads, naming the inventory system as still a work-in-progress.
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The PT-style horror game Allison Road has been canceled, its developer reported on Twitter.

No explanation for the delay was provided, but the tweet mentioned that a further statement on the matter is coming soon.


"Hi all. Sadly Allison Road had to be cancelled," the tweet said. "Statement to come in the next few days. Thx for all your support and very sad it came to this."


The fan project got off the ground on Steam Greenlight in 2015. It initially turned to Kickstarter for funding, though developer Lilith later partnered with Worms developer Team 17 for a traditional publishing deal.

"Working with Team 17 will give us the chance to make our game unhindered creatively, but at the same time will give us the resources, support, and experience that only a 25-year-old studio can give," Lilith said in October 2015.

The original plan was for Allison Road to be released on PC before the end of 2016, followed by Mac, Linux, and console ports after that.


As for PT, it was a teaser/demo for the canceled Silent Hills, and was taken off of PlayStation Network in April 2015.

We'll report back later this coming week with more details on Allison Road's cancellation when they're announced.



....well shit.

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Ugh, yeah.... damn shame. Had so much potential too. Maybe this is a red herring though? "Allison Road" is cancelled, but something better rose from it and got a new title? Probably a bit hopeful, probably just dead in the water though.


It truly was a Silent Hills spiritual successor though.

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