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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)


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i imagine i'm not alone in saying i sat on this series cause i found the art style off-putting...but i got over it pretty quick, and it's really great! probably the best take on them ive yet seen, and i dug the '04 one too.


tons of nods/shout-outs while still doing its own thing, and even has new takes on old arcs - the season 2 finale i just got through with donatella was incredible, it was like a 45 minute movie. we're early on season 3 (which just tied up last weekend) and things are kinda funky right now but i'm loving it.


anyone else watching?

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Yeah - I followed the first 2 seasons pretty closely. It's like an updated / reboot of the 80s cartoon - pretty cool. Same w/ me - I initially found the art style off-putting but I quickly fell in love w/ it. I think it was the same w/ Clone Wars for me. Want 'em on bluray.


I also freakin' LOVE the 2k3 series. Well, the first 2 seasons anyway - the later seasons kinda depart and get a bit fantastic. The first 2 seasons follow the original comic storylines pretty closely. Soooo good. Got 'em on DVD and luv 'em.


Turtles Forever - anybody catch that? The grand finale to the Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird turtles - such an EPIC ending!





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I absolutely love this series! It has so many little nods to the original comics and series, without feeling like it's pandering. And it's fun catching ALL the easter eggs, while NZA catches none. I also love that it's building an entirely new fanbase of turtle fans. I get a little giddy when my students show up with TMNT backpaks, pencil cases, shirts, etc. Even the girls are into it! They all love Mikey (give me time, I'll turn them on to Donnie).


The first two seasons were great.



The first half of the third threw me for a loop. I loved the Friday the 13th episode, but a few after that were so bizarre! But then the vision quest episode was AMAZING, and when they returned to NYC it got really great again! And FUCKING FINALLY we get Bebop and Rocksteady!! I'm still hyped about that. They made such a big production of both their mutation and their naming... it was so fun.


This series has also got me back into collecting toys. I have Metalhead and two Donnies. I am seeing rumors of a three-pack of pet toys that may be created. I really hope we get these! Ice cream kitty would go straight in my freezer.





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Hell, yeah! I got me a Metalhead, too! Also got a Mikey (totally the best looking figure of the four, in my eyes) and those Ooze canisters that came w/ the 'whittle toital' figures inside - got all four! The turtle you get is random, but I lucked out - just one double of Mikey. (Not my personal pix - google pix. Still haven't made the leap to posting pix online)












Ice Cream Kitty! I had the same idea - it's going straight in the freezer! Oh, the horror! LOL!!!

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Oh, man - a few weeks late, but they released a Season 1 n' 2 boxset on October 7th. No word on any plans for a bluray release.




That 80s complete series set is a cool set.




I bought the individual volumes when they first started coming out. Got the first 6 volumes...then they started releasing 'em by season. Got Season 4 - then they started re-releasing the past volumes in season sets. I wasn't about to start rebuying 'em. The later seasons really haven't aged well, so I just let it go after Season 4.


The completionist in me knows, one day...that Party Wagon is gonna be parked right next to my Real Ghostbusters Firehouse.




The very first season, though - all 5 episodes of it - is actually pretty great.


"Clang? Did you say clang?!"





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Damn I would love to have box sets of the new series but do I get them now or wait for a complete set once the show ends? Ahh! The episodes are pretty easy to find now, so waiting wouldn't be the worst thing. I'm just hoping the show goes on a while, so it may be years before I own it!


Also, I have the Party Wagon and it's one of my prized possessions. smile.png



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If I see it on the shelf - I'm grabbin' it!


The 80s TMNT burned me with those volume releases - then they go n' put 'em back out in proper Seasons. I am savy to the 'double-dip'. I know now to wait for full-season releases. They did the same thing w/ Clone Wars and this TMNT show.


Yeah, it'll probably be years until the show ends. I'll still pick up the seasons as they roll out. (shrugs) w/ my luck, they'll put out a bluray set once the series ends - n' I'll get to buy it all over again! LOL



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Gonna check out both these documentaries when I have time!! Meanwhile, I'm super excited my Michelangelo Minimates came in the mail! He's no Donatello, but he came with Ice Cream Kitty!! I also love his pizza and sewer grate accessories. When they say mini, they mean it. He's only a couple inches tall, but still awesome!






This will hold me over until the Ice Cream Kitty/Spike/Dr. Cluckingsworth 3-pack goes on sale!

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i dug the '04 one too.

I grew up on the very early ones, but remember watching a few episodes of this around 03-04. Turns out I was right, and you're fucking wrong, NZA. It was 03 and not 04 it came out. I thought you were Irish Cowboy when I was last here anyway Nick?


My memory's not very good.

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Finally got ahold of the later seasons - 3 n' most of 4. (Season 4 hasn't wrapped up yet). I haven't had access to Nick's TMNT for awhile - looking forward to catching up. I caught wind that they touch on Triceratons and the Fugitoid!!! I freakin' luuuv the 'Turtles in Space' storyline. Super-super-super stoked to see what they do with it!



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Season 4 is a wrap - the finale aired on Sunday.


I had marathoned Season 3 n' 4 last week and just caught the Season 4 finale. Like, holy god - the show just kept getting better - it is so damn good...spoilers!




I'm seriously surprised how the show evolves - I love the subtle changes to the intro, reflecting the current arcs...the full-blown intro-change when they hit space: that Triceraton stomping down on the manhole cover - cutting the music off? Wooo! Awesome!


Like the first 2 seasons, you can feel it's done by people who have love n' respect for the source material - full of nods to the mythos w/ totally original 'spins' on it. I mean, Turtles in Space...hiding in April's farmhouse...both familiar and expanded...and made fresh. Soooo goood! LOL!


I cannot believe what happened to Splinter! WHA...?! Anybody else watching?




Now I got a bug for sum TMNT figs. Pic attack!




This is the day I 'caught 'em all'...LOL - awhile back, but thought I'd share sum TMNT-ness.









Getting over my smartphone hangups. Sooo many...things you can do! But...


"Hondos is my social media. 'No thanks' to all that other stuff." - Actual user. Not an actor.



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I'm 8 episodes (doing a binge) into Season 5.


It's crazy how this show has been consistently awesome. 5 years now!


Now it's called...



It's entered a new thing - w/out spoiling Season 4 (watch Season 4 - OMG!) - it makes sense.


This show needs a bluray release - I have access to it, via crude quality...I got the first couple of Seasons on DVD, but I've seen sum episodes in HD. This show needs to be on blu.


Great stories and just really freakin' nice to look at.


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