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DC to reboot Hanna-Barbera characters

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DC Entertainment has reported today that DC Comics will be rebooting various Hanna-Barbera cartoons in the upcoming year. Included in the reboot are new takes on beloved series Wacky Races, Jonny Quest, The Flintstones, and Scooby-Doo; each of which will be updated to appeal to teen-plus audiences.
















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Glad someone is doing something with these iconic properties! I was watching the Jetsons last night ('62 run) and wondering when the hell are we getting a live-action version.


It all looked cool 'cept for Scooby-Doo. What the hell? Are they Ghostbusters now? Is Shaggy supposed to be Dr. Strange? Or some hipster youtuber? LOL - what's going on there? Need more info.


Initially, I thought the Flintstones was off-putting, but it's just a different art style - not an entire character / concept design revamp like the 'Doo team. Wacky Race Land is a damn brilliant idea: the whole Hanna-Barbara universe in a Cannonball Run-type race...as a series?! Brilliant.


I love the Hanna-Barbara universe. I got me the Herculoids figure-set of 3 that combine into a lovely display, sitting on top of my toy shelf. (Not my pic - google pic)




I'd be all over these TPBs if they come out.

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I am all for some classic Space Ghost. Anyone remember the USA Cartoon Express block? Man, I used to watch the hell out of that. Space Ghost and Herculoids were my favorites!


I have two gripes:

1) Those Scooby Doo designs

2) Needs more Blue Falcon and Dynomutt.


USA Cartoon Express FTW! Hell yeah, dude!



I remember when it got to point where the Ninja Turtles, Real Ghostbusters and Scooby were all onboard together. That train ended up turning into a massive cartoon mash-up.


Dynomutt and Blue Falcon...they totally gotta do something w/ that!



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