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E3 2016


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My Predictions:

Suikoden 6 announced

shenmue 3 announced

Megaman legends 3 announced

Persona 5 us release date

The last guardian us release date

Silent Hills us release date

konami pachinko collection



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for me, literally nothing's gonna top last year - Shenmue 3, Nier 2, FF VII again, Last Guardian etc etc


FF XII Zodiac HD is outta the bag, im cool with P5 release date & some surprises, something more concrete on Yakuza 0 would make me happy as well


expecting a lotta VR stuff and system upgrade talk, nintendo's next hardware isn't gonna be here so mainly looking forward to more Zelda from them


outside bet: Resident Evil relaunch...which means we'll likely see an even more boring globe-hoping co-op 7 or something


konami pachinko collection


the konami we deserve


*edit seeing all the remake stuff on deck (skyrim now too?), im guessing a lot more of those? won't lie, at this point i'd welcome a 1080p/60 FPS Red Dead Redemption so hard

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I'm done investing in toys-to-life games (well, I will be once I've completed my Infinity roster), but this is a helluva mash-up! Good lord! It'd be awesome as hell to run around as ET, Gizmo, Homer...Slimer - but $25 for a tiny lil' Lego character...pffft.


Maybe after Dimensions shuts down - I'll consider as I rummage through the clearance bins.

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Conan - is so - awesome! This looks kinda cool, I dig the building aspect - but what the hell? Is that for your online buddies to marvel at? If so - I'm outta luck, I don't have any gaming buddies. weep.gif


I'd check this out - but it's gonna take Red Dead Redemption 2 to push me over the edge into 'next gen' (XBOX ONE / PS4).

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i would...but it doesn't even have an engine yet! i know it's got a boondock saint, and possibly male pregnancy? but not much else - which given the number of last of us-likes we saw, i guess that's something different anyway


Detroit could be cool too

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damn, Wild Guns outta nowhere! did they get the memo on the stupid-high price of the original cart or what, haha...that looks cool


and i'd be down for a hangout of some kind, me newt & bishop just kinda watched the sony one but could go for more company!

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So, what was everyone's E3 game? Who was the winner?


It was Zelda for me. That game looks like it's gonna be an industry standard. (I did some research, the NUX version is gonna have a graphical uptick - so, score.)


My reasons for going PS4 didn't make an appearance - no FFVII remake or RDR2 stuff.


I did some research: PS4 ain't backward-compatible?! Ya hafta buy a digital version of the PS3 game - even if you have the physical copy?! WTF kinda shit is that? Looks like I'm gonna hafta get a PS3, too. Damn. (Glares hard at Sony, "I never did like you...")

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