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Happy 20th Birthday N64!


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Oh lord the memories. My parents bought this for me not long after it was released and remember they were confused as to why it didn't come with any games (They had bought me the Super Mario World SNES bundle before so thought it was a standard thing).


Super Mario 64 was fittingly my first N64 game. Had a blast with it, and it still holds up pretty good today despite shit cameras. Hell alot of N64 games are still fantastic.


I played the absolute shit out of Star Fox 64. I was even able to get the best ending and unlock Fox's dad's sunglasses.


I have a ton of fond memories of Super Smash Bros. Playing with my friends and going match after match for fucking hours, and practicing against Lvl 9s. Never played a fighting game like it before it came out.


Cruisin' USA sucked alot of hours away from me too. Sucha weird game for me to play so much of, but I think it was a pretty good arcade port... or I didn't have that many games at that point.


Pokemon Snap was played for an obscene amount of time too. I'm a sucker for photography, and the fact I got to take pictures of Pokemon made it even sweeter. I kinda wish this one got a revival. A Wii U version with the gamepad and new ai and tech would be amazing.


The Pokemon Stadium games were quite an addiction for awhile. Always loved the transfer pak and being able to use my actual pokemon in battle. That technology blew my little mind back then.


Banjo-Kazooie remains one of my favorite games of all time. It's still an amazing game and as I keep posting I'm pretty fucking psyched for it's spiritual successor by the same team, Yooka-Laylee


I have so many good memories of playing the South Park game with friends in Multiplayer too. I actually really enjoyed it, even though I know it's aged like fine piss.


Then there's Goldeneye which I think everyone was such an amazing game. The single player had so many cool moments in it (the highlight for me being Runway and crushing soldiers with a tank). And then there's the multiplayer which was where anyone who picked Oddjob got kicked the fuck out of the game.


While I never got a chance to extensively play Ocarina of Time back in the day (alot of time spent watching friends play that one) I was all about Majora's Mask. To this day it's my favorite Zelda game, and I'm not ashamed to admit I had to use a strategy guide to defeat it.


I loved my N64 and I'd love to own one again, especially to make up for my unfortunate bad luck with my original system.


I know I'm missing a lot of other great games.


What are some of y'all's fondest memories?

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Goldeneye has to be the number one memory for me. The ENTIRE summers we wasted on that game. Ariel's little cousin Franks got so good that all he'd do is run around to all the spawn points and place proximity mines (with Oddjob, no less). We didn't stand a chance. Fuck how cheap it was, it was impressive as fuck.


Killer Instinct and Mario Kart got a lot of play and I loved StarFox. I prefered the Super Nintendo version, of course (of that and Mario Kart), but still played the crap out of it.


I know there was other games, but I can't remember them right now. I'm sure Nick remembers.

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20 years...wow. Still got my original.




I was in freakin' High School when this thing came out! I vividly remember getting off on the bus-ride home (city bus) at Toys R Us just to play the Mario 64 demo - daily - in the weeks leading up to the launch. Employees thought I was nuts. 'Oh, here he comes...'


Still got a couple o' games and accessories...and my Expansion Pak is still in there. Aside from the classics, a lot of time in the early days was on the WCW / WWF games. Addiction. 4 player madness. Still got WCW / NWO Revenge and WWF 2000.




Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Star Fox, Ocarina, Castlevania (yes, was crap - but still played the hell out of it, LOL)...same w/ Shadows of the Empire. It was a good system - had some great games that turned out to be industry classics.


Happy Birthday - now 'go to hell, you old bastard.'




I still have a couple of Nintendo Powers and Gamepros w/ articles hyping the hell out of the 'Ultra 64' - I'm tempting to post pics of the early marketing campaign n' post...but, that would be too hardcore. I don't want anyone to think I'm a dork.

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Wow. This was the first major purchase I made for myself. I LITERALLY emptied my piggy bank for this one (actually it was a 3 foot tall Coca-Cola bottle bank that I'd been filling with quarters for a couple years). Still have it, plus I have one of the see-through green versions, new in box which I bought 5 or 6 years ago (maybe longer..) in case my original ever gives up the ghost.


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so, i had $ saved up from working at publix, and after saturn's initial price broke my heart, i gave in on a PSX after seeing Resident Evil & hearing FF VII was exclusive. i had a little money left after a trip to atlanta, and was still kinda debating a saturn - they brought that $400 tag down a little, but most of the genesis franchises i adored weren't there yet (many never came).


my mom would sometimes let me take her car out after work, if i drove nearby & picked up stuff for her...until i got hit & run, but anyway! the toys R us literally around the corner from where we'd moved set up a Mario 64 kiosk, and i was hooked. like, i didn't have an NES but played 3 to death at friends', and loved SMW, but this transition to 3D felt fucking magical. i spent the rest on a preorder the very next day.


when it came in, i went with some of my friends to pick it up - Nintendo Power insisted my SNES hookups would work, but i think they meant composite. so at the register (back when they kept everything game related in this one big booth) the dude tried advising me if i used RF, i'd need an adapter - i told him i'd read otherwise, and he still insisted, prompting my friend Keron to cuss him out for "trying to rip me off".


we got back around the block and, within minutes, knew i needed that adapter. no one came with me to pick it up and try to avoid eye contact with the booth guy.


man, it's still about my favorite game in the series too! sadly, that system had one of the slowest year 1's ive seen...it was basically goldeneye in every dorm room, and i'd play fantastically - with groups that allowed no use of oddjob, or proximity mines, and exclusively one-hit, one kill. i sucked with any other settings, haha.


Zelda: OoT - and Majora's Mask, still one of the most unique entries in the series - cemented me being really happy with the purchase. but admittedly, PSX was building such a tremendous library in the late 90's that i missed a ton of greats: Paper Mario, Smash Bros, Sin & Punishment, etc.


I still stand that if Nintendo had somehow kept Rare intact, they'd not be nearly as bad off as they are now...think about it: a company that could not only make some of that gen's best fighters & FPS's, but even hang on Nintendo's level with platfomres, adventure games & kart racers! goddamn, their output in that era was tremendous, and Blast Corps is still my shit.


still think it's funny how it bombed most places, but again, being in the dorms showed it as the pre-xbox dudebro shooter system, with solid ports of DOOM, Duke Nukem, etc...still gotta play Perfect Dark more one day.


prolly my least favorite of nintendo's home consoles, but i got a lotta love for it all the same.

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Man so many other games I'm forgetting here too. It was an amazing party system. Smash bros and the mario party games got me spending time with alot of different friends.


One of the weirdest games I ever played was called Space Station SIlicon Valley.




It was like a puzzle game or something? You were a little micro chip that had to jump into different robotic animals I think. I'd wiki it, but I'm actually hoping to put up some gameplay of it, and want to go in with only my memory of what it was back in the day.


One game I wish I had played when it first came out was Conker's Bad Fur Day. I only played it for the first time on an emu a few years ago. Pretty fun! I may give it another shot at some point. (Another reason I'm excited that the main talent of the Rare team decided to go off and do their own thing. )

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Aw man, the N64 makes me sad. It was the beginning of the end for me. I didn't realize until this system came out that 3D games made me violently nauseous. So I went from loving video games and being a huge Nintendo fangirl to only being able to play the 2D games I already owned. Still can't play anything 3D (or watch 3D movies) to this day and it bums me out. :( DAMN YOU, N64!!

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3D games made me violently nauseous.


Ah, man - that sucks. There are some pretty good '3D' games...that don't blast the senses. I'd highly recommend Super Mario 3D World for Wii U - 'specially if you got roots in Nintendo's 2D-ness. (Yes, it has 3D in the title, but it ain't no Mario 64). Absolutely worth a shot if you happen across it. I can totally see 3D games being overwhelming on the senses.














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So you can't play any games from the post SNES era at all?


Some fighting games are OK if they don't move around too much. But yeah, I can't think of much else I can actually play. :( Even some 2D games make me sick if they move too fast (lookin at you, Sonic). I'm basically OK with anything side-scrolling or platformy as long as I can control the speed.


Oh man...NZA showed me the demo for some horror game a while back (PT, I wanna say), and it gave me such bad vertigo, I had to lie on the floor moaning until the world stopped spinning.


Ah, man - that sucks. There are some pretty good '3D' games...that don't blast the senses. I'd highly recommend Super Mario 3D World for Wii U - 'specially if you got roots in Nintendo's 2D-ness. (Yes, it has 3D in the title, but it ain't no Mario 64). Absolutely worth a shot if you happen across it. I can totally see 3D games being overwhelming on the senses.


Ooh! I'll see if NZA has it!

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yeah, 3D world is more isomettric...she's not an RPG fan, or i'd ask if she played Super Mario RPG, since that was the first for many non-sega fans. gonna try it though! camera can rotate a bit but with her controlling it, it may yet work. i'm really thinking straight 2D NSMBU might work better though!

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right right, but that's what isometric is, though


sonic 3D blast, landstalker, shadowrun, mario RPG...when it was bad, everyone hated it. when it went well - like Mario RPG, with solid shadows to indicate where you jumped, which literally made all the difference - it was a really cool pre-3D way to play.


i wanna know if that works for donny, since Toad's Treasure Hunt and some greats even this last gen worked that way...i suspect it might

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Duuuuude - if you can get that running on your set up...I'd totally be down for an evening of Super Goldeneye...next time I'm down there - and more importantly, when Bishop ain't trying to sleep!  :wink:  (LOL - Sorry!)


NZA, Panch, Nemo, Bishop battle.  Me want.  Get sum Newtype n' Vagrant in there, that could be a bad-ass lil Miami-Hondo getty...that I'm volunteering your place for.


So - (clears throat) - we move the couch, here... 


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