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New infos :

- New engine build for the game : Hedgehog Engine 2, improving lighting, better rendering

- Evolution of Sonic Colors and Generations

- Reworked boost feature from Unleashed/Colors/Generations

- Three styles of gameplay : modern (showed in gameplay), classic and an unknown one

- Multiple paths in levels

- Wisps are back

- Game's set up in a world where Eggman won (fallen timeline yada yada)

- Game's still planned for holidays 2017

- More infos coming in next couple of months








i like a lot of what i'm reading, but my heart is only allowing hype for Mania, currently

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Mania's happening! i'm staying optimistic here


even in games like Unleashed where everyone knocked the werehog gimmick, i didn't mind that so much - some of the levels were well designed. i quit on it when the hubworld did that that thing where i couldn't play other levels before collecting enough special coins or whatever, i hate that play mechanic in mario & pretty much all platformers, personally.

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