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The great garage purge of 2017

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I literally had no idea where to post this, so here we go.


I've started trying to part ways with my old pack rat lifestyle (i literally have shit like notebooks from when I was a kid). As such I'm starting to try and sell off/get rid of some of the old things i kept around so long. I was just going to price them and sell them online - but i thought maybe someone around here might want to buy them and give them a good home. I don't think there's anything too valuable in here, but maybe there's something you might like.


Not shown: If you like wallscrolls, i have way too many and would literally just send you a bundle of them for dirt cheap. (some pics are blurry because...well i was hungover while i did this)


Ragnarok figure was given to me by the designer of Ragnarok Online when I interviewed him years back.


























Not sure if im willing to part with these guys yet but....













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OK so, i literally just price googled some shit, and obviously because I'm posting here and not on ebay -and these boxes have seen some love there's 0 way I'm going to ask the numbers you see below.


So if you want to make me an offer + SH, plz do.


Neon Genesis Evangelion Ultra Poseable Eva-03 Production Model Action Figure - $39.99

Final Fantasy VIII Extra Soldier Laguna Loire Figure - $39.99

Mcfarlane Dark Ages Spawn The Skull Queen Action Figure 1998 - $14.99

Warcraft orc - 35 to 70?

Ruri Hoshino Cd Sega Real Model 21 Nadesico - 20

Bandai Seifer Fantasy Ff 8 Square Game Action Figure Toy Extra Soldier - $20.99

Hive warrior predator - 30

Siren - 28

Mcfarlane Toys Movie Maniacs Series 2 Brandon Lee Eric Draven The Crow - 30

Quake II Athena toy - 10

Zealot - 60

Hydralisk - 40

Unicron - 80, 100 200? Who the fuck knows


Anyway, yeah. lets play lets make a deal.

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that crow figure is awesome


also can i have your old wizards? ill give you a dollar


I will literally part ways with that figure for like 10+shipping. The old wizards would be a NIGHTMARE to ship, however if anyones ever making the trip out that way from here (or vice versa) - ill happily load them up to you.


...you should see the boxes of old video game magazines i have...

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i really should


damn, i don't know anyone coming to or from TX at the moment...i know i've had huge shipments made via media mail (you tell USPS it's printed material & its way cheaper) but i'm sure it's a hassle, yeah. damn.

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How much do you want for those Starcraft figures and that Orc?







Though, I will be considerably less pissy about you buying more junk (Cause let's face it, you're gonna do it anyway) if something Zelda related made its way to my hands

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Rawr rawr she-bear, nobody understands you.


Don't worry, about the moment I saw what they're going for online and realized my high offer would be a slap in the face I decided to meld swiftly into the bushes.

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