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The Summers Brothers

Who's the best Summers brother?  

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Enough of our super serious talk about comics: Let's make comics FUN again! :D


Let's talk about the Summers brothers, aka: The most dysfunctional X-family. A lot of people have some very strong beliefs about the Summers-3, mostly with a bias towards either Cyclops or Havok.


Personally, I'm a huge Havok fan. Few people have really tackled Alex, which kinda makes sense because Alex for a long time didn't want to be a X-man - in fact he was working towards his doctorate. When done well - in titles like Meltdown, there's a lot of depth to be explored there and I feel that he's a very under utilized character. Hell, I loved him taking over the Starjammers, and I wish that would have kept going.


So: Who's your favorite Summers brother and why: Defend your position.




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i liked alex, but even with peter david's run on x-factor i never really got too much into him. scott was pretty boring until the combo of morisson making him kinda older/tired of his role and whedon stepping him up as captain mal reynolds jr helped give him some character...and then came the jobbing.


from pretty much house of M on, he was given one shitty deal after another: you run xavier's! but there's only 198 mutants left, and the gov't is so dumb it recommissioned sentinels to "watch out for you".

san fran agreed to let you have some space on an island or something! well, you just followed magneto's playbook to a T now, but you gotta do what you gotta do...until dumb books like schism force wolvy to break ties and divide the teams from here on out.


in the end, he went full on heel mode, mostly for lack of better options on the table. his death in death of X or x-men vs inumans or whichever forgettable-ass arc was that of a chump, and the entire "we can't allow you to harm these clouds that are sterilizing you, so pls leave earth" was the icing on a shit cake of poor x-men storytelling for like a solid decade now. at least they had the decency to give him his worst costume to let you know the score.


and now, because nobody is gonna put bendis in a corner before he goes full-on cleremont, we have young cyk, an even more convoluted character. god, i hate x-books these days.


so yeah, my answer is Nate >>>>>> all

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Young Cyclops is better than Old Cyclops has ever been, old man! Beast is the only member of that team who isn't a vast improvement over his adult counterpart.


Seriously though, Havok is the only answer to this question. Personally it's because Mutant X was a fucking wonderful book, but even just by default. Cyclops is an ass and Vulcan is the worst.

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god, wizard use to rave about Mutant X, never did give that a chance - i feel like that was around when i bailed on x-stuff for a while Havok was kinda neat when he was leading an Avengers team for a bit a few years ago.


even with Waid at the helm im just not reading any team avenger books right now, so you may be right but i'm still having a hard time getting over how dumb it was to bring that team back, and how everyone's trying to make bendis' bad call work. like, new jean grey might be great, but man, "outting" bobby was really shitty.


i know i sound like the people who didn't try spider-man for years after One More Day but until their team stuff looks interesting again, i'm just not giving dude a chance i guess. hopefully Legacy stuff in october changes that.

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Read. The. Cyclops. Solo. Book.


Yeah, outing Bobby was a shit move and the whole time travel thing was dumb but the end result is versions of Cyclops, Jean, Iceman, and Angel removed of all the bullshit they've had attached to them over the last several decades. Beast is always great but young Beast has a new wrinkle in that he's a version of Hank McCoy who has decided magic is also a viable source of science. For what it's worth the last run on the young X-men (All-New X-Men I believe it was called) and X-Men Blue were both much simpler and more compelling books than their modern-era counterparts by far.

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I'll say Scott - simply because he was in the original roster...and that whole thing was cool.


Alex just came across as angry and pouty, to me.


Not saying I'm a fan of Scott's super-stern, no-nonsense demeanor...but of the two, I'd opt for the 1960s Cyclops action figure...and pay for the 90s cartoon DLC skin, over Havok.


Of course, if I could - I'd get 'em both. Havok did have a sweet 80s costume.



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I only vaguely remember there even being a third Summers bro. So it's really between Scott and Alex. My main exposure to Alex was the 90s X-Factor book during the Peter David days with Madrox, Polaris, Strong Guy, and Rahne. (I think Quicksilver was on that team, too. Maybe?) And the most I can remember about Havoc was he was Cyclops' brother and dated Polaris. Scott's 90s, Jim Lee blue and yellow costume is one of the best superhero outfits ever. So he's got that going for him. Oh, and he pulls. So, uh, I guess Scott wins it.* Congrats, Scott.


*I think Scott becomes a huge asshole around AvX time and kills a buncha people, but I never read any of those books, so I'm basing my judgement on the previously two listed criteria.

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