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It’s the future. But … it sucks.


At least, the real world does. In Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Ready Player One, there is a happy escape: The OASIS, a virtual reality wonderland that is saturated in a love of all-things-‘80s.


The movie isn’t out until March 18, but as part of EW’s Comic-Con preview, we present a first look at actor Tye Sheridan as Parzival (real name: Wade Watts), using his VR visor and haptic gloves to disappear into a realm where movies, cartoons, comic books, and TV shows from the good old days make life in 2045 more bearable.

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The book was enjoyable enough. Took me forever to finish it, mostly because I read it during the school year. It just didn't have that "can't put it down" thing that great stories have.


It'll be interesting to see how they tie in all the games, movies and properties mentioned in the story. It's Spielberg, so I'm hyped. While I was reading it I often found myself thinking it'd make a good movie if someone could pull it off!

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This was ok. I had a lot of fun in the end. I thought the music was used very poorly though. It had a ton of opportunities to put in some great musical cues, but only really capitalized on it once. Edgar Wright would've directed this beautifully. I've had a lot of issues with music in movies lately. Badass action scenes need a fun song or at least a competent musical score to get you pumped up. This was my problem with Ghost in the Shell too.


That said there were plenty of scenes that had me smiling, my favorite involving.


The Shining


Also, the VR here was probably the most futuristic, yet realistic version I've seen. It didn't look too farfetched that we might see something like this a few years. 

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I've not read the novel, so I went into this based solely on the premise and that it was Spielberg directing. This is a movie unabashedly all about 70s/80s pop-culture nostalgia. And video games. But really, don't go in here looking for captivating characters or a super-engaging plot.(Although, I did like the main characters and the plot was okay...ish) Go to see what happens when one of the GOAT filmmakers and the man responsible for a good chunk of your childhood movie memories gets a couple hundred milly to play pop culture mash-up. It's a beautiful thing--especially in IMAX 3D.


I thought all the "key" sequences were great. We got a good bit of the race in the trailers, so not much surprise there. Ditto for the final big battle sequence. Gundam v Mech-Godzilla!!!! But that SHINNING sequence was a total surprise for me. So fantastic.

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Yeah, I really liked this. Not Spielberg's best, by any means, but I think it was light years better than his most mediocre entry, A.I.:Artificial Intelligence (which I though this was gonna be like).


Having said that, I kinda agree with y'all on here's criticisms. Music. Characterizations. Still, man, this was a lot of fun. And, boy, was it eye porn (I mean, technically, porn is eye porn, but you know what I mean)!


And the Easter Eggs! Wow! This should be called Easter Egg: The Movie! I might have to buy this just to watch until I identify every reference.

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