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Whaaaaa...?!  A live-action Pokemon movie?


I could be into this - for the 'humans interacting w/ cartoon characters' visuals...and Nintendo's (holy shit!) long-due return to the features department.


My Poke-love doesn't go much farther than the first game - love those original 100-or-so 'lil critters...I fell off the Poke-wagon real fast.


Really interested in seeing some visuals.  Is Rhyme City a place from the games or is this a whole new locale?  Wow - I'm super-freaking interested in this now.

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It was good! It was a fun, simple story with some cool action and funny moments. I wish it did more with actual pokemon battles, but they didn't blow their load here with references and there is plenty of room to tell other stories. Still tons of easter eggs, but it wasn't gratuitous. The second best video game movie ever made. (Number one still goes to Rampage for me). 

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