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So I'm really loving this show. It's alot like Ghost in the Shell.... and Blade Runner, and a Scanner Darkly, and Star Trek, and Black Mirror, and all kinds of other sci fi. It borrows A TON of stuff from the medium and puts it into one crazy ass blender. 3 eps in and I'm digging the hell out of it, anyone else catching this?

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9 hours ago, The NZA said:

never saw scanner darkly

Its a neat movie. Philip K. Dick story with Richard Linklater directing, Woody Harrelson and Robert Downey Jr. acting like a couple of nuts. Keanu has a pretty good performance also not to mention its crazy visual style. 

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Started the first episode, but had to cut it off when the fam came home (not appropriate watching for our 2 year old).  Seems they are following pretty close to the book, at least to start off.  I'm a fan of the novel (although I still haven't gotten around to the other two parts of the trilogy, Broken Angels or Woken Furies) and I'm digging what I see so far.  I was worried when I heard Joel Kinnaman had been cast as Kovacs, not only because of his prior track record (see Robocop 2014 and Suicide Squad) but also because of recent white-washing controversies that we saw with GiTS and Iron Fist.  I was sure casting him as a character named Takeshi was going to stir up that pot again, and the "he was white in the book" defense doesn't really hold given that race is rather inconsequential in the world of the story.  They easily could had changed up the race of the main character with no impact on the story.  That said, Kinnaman has been pretty arresting from what I've seen so far!   Another early impression, the production values are well above what I'd expect for a TV series.  Having just seen the first episode of Electric Dreams (which looks like a middle of the road SyFy original series in terms of production) there was definitely a stark contrast.  Looking forward to watching some more of this one! 

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 I finished S1 last night and it was pretty fucking spectacular. I purposely avoided reading much about the books to avoid any spoilers. However, I do know there are two more books in the series and the author said in a recent interview the attention around the Netflix show has inspired him to possibly...

revisit this character of Tak.  So we know Tak survives for at least two more novels and that could translate into who knows how many seasons. I definitely think Kinnamin can be back as Tak next season. They left it open for Ryker to get the clone’s sleeve and Tak to keep his stak in the OG Ryker sleeve. Or vice versa. 


 Personally, I hope Tak gets a new sleeve next season. It would be really interesting to see different actors take on the role of the same character. Much like they did in this season where three different actors played Tak. 


Speaking of which, the performances were all around great in this show. Ok, Kinnaman  doesn’t have the most dynamic range as an actor (a friend recently referred to him as a ham sandwich compared to someone like Tom Hanks who’s a steak)  but I thought the limited range of emotion and stoicism served the character. But the giant biker looking  motherfucker who got crossed sleeved as Ortega’s abuela did a fucking outstanding job in that episode. Ditto for the guy who played Ava Elliot. I believed every second of the performance  as well as the reactions and interactions of the people around him/her.

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I didn't know they were going to do a season two. I enjoyed how season one wrapped up all nice and neat, though. I always appreciate that in a show.


I really dug the noir feel to this. It gave me a Bladerunner kind of vibe with some Elysium thrown in. Whoo boy, and the moral conundrums it raises. I find myself thinking about that sometimes, which is a mark of a good show, I think. I was so sad to see what happened to Edgar though. He was my favorite character.

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