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Reverend Jax

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Frank Zappa is the craziest mofo ever! Period. Or...exclamation mark! Whatever. Most people have heard OF Zappa, but not any of his music.


Frank Zappa recorded his first album with his band, The Mothers Of Invention (named so becaus ehis record company refused to release an album by a band named just "The Mothers") in 1966, called "Freak Out!". Before he died in 1993, he recorded over 50 albums, including 4 in 1979 alone! He fought censorship until the day he died, and was one fof the foremost spokeman against censorship. Several of his album have been banned in several countries in their entirity. Tons of his stuff is more controvesial than anything else out there. Usual witha twisted sense of humor, his song have explored VD, phonies, homosexual S&M, 13-year-old whores, foot rot, sexual harassment, phony new age gurus, being urinated on in the eyes and beign beaten to death by the police. But Frank is no novelty act. His music his extremely progressive or avant garde and he is regarded as one of the worlds greatest guitar players. Some of the greatest musician have started out playing in bands of his, liek Terry Bozzio and Steve Vai, or just sung in the background of several song just caus ethey like his music so much, like Tina Turner. Desipe recording for nearly 30 years, he had only one top 40 hit, in the ninties, called Valley Girl.


No single album in the history of rock in more fucked up, more crazy, non all ove rthe place that "We're Only In It For The Money." It's too intense for most, so to start I recommend Apostrophe, One Size Fits All, or Joe's Garage.


To get an idea of how crazy he can get, download "Brown Shoes Don't Make It". For some songs a liitle easier to get into, try Comsik Debris, Bobby Brown, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama, Tities N Beer (Live), the Beatles Medley (Live From Texas), or Valley Girl.


If there's any closet Zappa fans out there, come voice some opinion right here.

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I'm sad to say I know more about the guy than his music. Hell, I even remember the little skit he did with Michael Nesmith of the Monkeys after an episode of that show... but I've probably never heard one of his songs, or if I have then I didn't know who it was. There was also his great interview on an early episode of Crossfire back in the 80s that was great too.

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