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If any of you every make your way to Philly, get a good cheesesteak. With lots of onions and peppers and mushrooms :D Leave out anythign you don't like or course, and you will have a new Ambroisa.

So I am going to have steak and cheese.


lots of onions


lots of peppers


and mushrooms
Slimy shit in your mouth. :ill:
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mushrooms do absolutely nothing. they just turn all mushy and tasteless on pizza. :D blech.


my mom's italian, like full practically, but she is the one that makes corned beef and cabbage... and buys belleek and wants to live in ireland and has irish prints all around and wanted to do irish dancing and went to riverdance etc etc...


vegetables are good. and good for you.

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ketchup yes, good on everything... though i don't put it on everything, i don't really like the whole 'ketchup and eggs' or even ketchup on french fries... just my preference, but i like ketchup. for some odd reason my boyfriend doesn't like it, i mean what is wrong with processed tomatoes?? somebody tell me this? :D

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