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Questionable comic films on deck


Which one will be good/less bad?  

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Of the 3 - the one that will be the 'least bad' - will be Venom.


Aquaman is going to be another sensory-numbing fx-fest.


Phoenix is gonna be a snore-fest.


Venom is gonna be a wholly character-driven...WHATEVER it is.  It's gonna be focused on one dude...in a somewhat relevant setting...smaller scale.  Good or bad - I think the character one, is gonna be the most interesting / the one you'd get the most entertainment-value from - like a horrible train-wreck you can't pull your eyes away from....as opposed to falling asleep - or having your brain being blasted by the world ending...again.


I ain't interested in watching any of 'em, tho.

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Fuck. I mean I had high hopes for Aquaman, but after seeing tje trailer a few more times... I dunno. It looks kinda bland and overly cheesy. But I can look past cheese mostly. 


And I'm slowly coming around to Venom. Tom Hardy will be that movie's saving grace. So I'm picking Venom mostly put of fanboy loyalty to the character.



Fuck X-Men. Feige can't get his hands onit fast enough.

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Legion is run by Marvel television (I believe), but yeah, while I'm certainly excited to see what Feige does with the X-Men, I really doubt Marvel will ever create a movie as good as Logan or The Dark Knight. Daredevil, Jessica Jones season 1 and Punisher are definitely up there, but the MCU so far hasn't reached those heights for me.

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I've got the most hope for Aquaman. I get a DCEU meets Thor 3 vibe form the trailer, and I dig it. 


1 hour ago, Da Cap'n 2099 said:

While I think all will suck, I'm thinkin Aquaman will surprise the world by being fine. Not good. Fine. Phoenix will be Apocalypse 2 and Venom? Venom will be Catwoman. It'll be Elektra. It'll be unwatchable.


I was thinking this from the trailers, but that clip in the Venom thread makes me think it'll possibly be more Thor 2 than Elektra. At least I hope. ?

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