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so i know we've all done it at one time or another, made a mixed tape for somone (or in modern times, a burned compilation cd) or even made on for ourselves, to fit our given mood, or a compilation of songs from a certain time, or what not, or the popular kind of mix tape, a compilation of songs for a certain person


so i'm going to pimp out the indie magazine where they shared some celebrity mixed tapes (that i will be using to kick off this thread before i get into my own)


www.bust.com damn cool magazine, mostly for feminist chicks (hey no rude comments from the peanut gallery) but really cool nonetheless... on par with Bitch


the first one is by Carrie Brownstein from Sleater-Kinney (and if you don't know who Slater-Kinney is, download them some time)


Title: The shocking echo of a young pairs in a midnight love.

1) "Send me a postcard"---> Shocking Blue

2.) "Keep your hand on the plow" ---> Mahalia Jackson

3.) "Tell me when my light turns green"--> Dexy's Midnight Runners

4.) "You"---> Au Pairs


(i won't go on, but you get the general idea)


post away

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I'm currently creating a mix tape for some random dude I got paired with in my uni indie music society.


Here's the tracklisting:


Side 1

Bionic - Little Nixon

China Drum - Wuthering Heights (cover)

Joie/Dead Blonde Girlfriend - 17(Epilogue)

Tetra Splendour - De-Rail

Major Matt Mason USA - Rockstar

David Kitt - You know what I want to know

McLusky - To hell with good intentions

Beachbuggy - Kicking back

Devo - Jerking back and forth


Filler: Bill Hicks


Side 2

Live on Release - Hardcore

Lemon Jelly - In the bath

Nirvana - Sappy (acoustic)

Pixies - Alec Eiffel

Snow Patrol - Last of the lone gunman

Utah Saints - Sick

Frigid Vinegar - Jesus Presley Superstar

Ten Benson - I don't buy it

Deltron 3030 - Positive Contact


Filler: Chris Morris (Blue Jam) - 4ft Car


Its kinda obscure but it is made for someone with obscure music taste already.


p.s Sleater Kinney are excellent. DL anything from 'All hands on the bad one'.


"Your no rock and roll fun

Like the party thats over before its begun...."

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Yeah, are we just listing mix tapes we've made/received? Mellanious (posted once, youll never see her again) used to make me a lot of classic rock/industrial ones, ive made a rap/r&b one for her in the past. Ive also made some good techno ones for DJ Ario X, consisting of Underwolrd, DJ Shadow, Chicane, Chemical Brothers, Goldie, Sasha, etc.

Spiffytee recently sent me the soundtrack compilation to Ruroni Kenshin/Samurai X, that was really cool.

Bust.com, that reminds me, i found this image for :D


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Well, I burned a cd for one of my friends when he was in the hospital. Was a good mix, had "another one bites the dust" and "who wants to live forever" by queen "all fucked up" by everclear "I'm broken" by pantera and similar stuff, topped off with "always looks on the bright side of life" by monty python.

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I still think tapes are more fun than CDs because you can add some very random filler at the end of the sides. The Bill Hicks filler on my recent tape was brilliant, the sketch with the solitary line...."looks like we got ourselves a reader"



Emo/screamo, bands or genres of music? Emos almost as bad as pop.....oh no my girlfriend left me and I'm a rather sensitive individual......


While I'm in rant mode, I determined that you could write an Everclear song with the following lines:


I was only nine years old

She topok too many pills and drank too much booze

My daddy left me

My parents didn't care about me generally

Life's quite difficult really



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Haha...you can do a girly song with half those lyrics. Try writing a spears song with only "love", "boys", "misunderstood", "little", few others and some prepesitions. Itll be a chart-topper.

Also, Heartless once observed you can write parts of a Chilli Peppers song with any 2 words.

..mud flap!

...rim job!

..crap shack!

and so forth.

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most of the "emo" bands that have come out mainstream really are just as bad as pop, i'd have to agree with you on that one... but what im referring to are the bands who have been around before all of this commercialized shit emerged and totally bastardized the whole scene. and honestly, authentic and genuine emo/screamo isn't even like that, so im not quite sure as to where you got the idea that all they talk about is how sensitive they are, and how some chick left them... prolly some over played dashboard shit.


most people share the view that emo is pretty darn corny now because of the crap that is being passed off as emo, seems as if anything can fit into that category now. this was just some little trend, that people thought 'cool', that caught on and brought along with it some generic people trying to make a pretty penny. eventually all this crap will go under some rock and die, but until then, there will be crap that is labeled as 'emo' but really is just shit wrapped in pretty wrapping paper.


this also is kinda like how the whole 'punk' thing emerged to be cool and how everyone started to think they were punk because they listened to good charlotte and because some dumb ass told them it was punk. theres always gonna be dumbasses that ruin it for everyone else.

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Ok, now the word's been dropped enough for me to be interested/annoyed.

Junker has sworn by it in the past, so lets start gettin some names: who makes up the emo scene to you, what's so great about it, etc - the only name ive seen is good charolette or whatever and that's only been in bashing.

In almost any music scene, i can name artists and particular songs you should try out to get a feel for it - often i can even name one youve heard of, but not necessarily. Granted this area sounds a lot smaller, but let's hear some defense.

ps is screamo a local sub-genre, like how people break techno up into trance, trip-hop, break beats, drum & bass, jungle, etc?

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damnit i hate it when this subject comes up... this is the only time i notably argue with anyone, cause most of it is a fucking matter of opinion. you want a list, okay here is your list

- the beautiful mistake

- fugazi

- black heart procession

- norma jean

- sunny day real estate

- beneath the ashes

- glassjaw

- refused

- red top road

- from autumn to ashes

- somehow hollow

- thrice

if anyone wants to get really anal, these would better be classified as emo/screamo/hardcore


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Emo for me:


Fugazi (who I confess to liking however)

Jimmy Eat World

Rival Schools

Alkaline Trio

New End Original


That sort of thing. I like some of it I just think it gets boring quickly. Luckily us English haven't been subjected to much Dashboard Confessional :D


Its just a funny sort of music genre because its like Nu-Metal as in 'to get tagged it is death'. Still curious about Emo/Screamo though?? Can't say I know any of the bands you mentioned.

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lucky english folks :P ... dashboard overkill in the us :D

we have little 12 year-old girls running around saying "im emo im emo, i love dashboard confessional... :ill:


yeah it is sort of like the kiss of death to be labeled it, but most of the underground scene, is where you'll find the good shit.


the only stuff that gets boring is the stuff on mainstream play, but they will eventually fade away due to the fact that, like all trends, it has to end sometime (just hopefully soon).

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I dont quite remember swearing by emo... but some of it's good


I think Jimmy eats world is cool, very bubblegum pop catchy stuff, in a good way.

Julianna theory is great, heartless turned me on to "Emotion is dead" and thats a great cd

Alkaline trio is good stuff too, have a couple of mp3s and I saw em at warped tour.


Oh, and I'm like the only person on earth that kinda likes dashboard. I got a cd worth of the older versions of the stuff, and it ain't bad at all. And they dont get played much here in miami at all, emo barely exists in miami; it's all about shit numetal over here, but the few times I've heard em on the radio they turn a halfway decent acoustic song into this horrible full band studio shit.

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Wow, Birdy loves the music so much but gets her panties in a bunch when you ask bout it "Here's your goddamn list, you unoworthy fuck!"

Junker got me listenin a bit to Jimmy Eat World, but of your list (are those mostly local names?) i know Sunny Day Real Estate, heard "Killed by an angel" and was lookin more into their stuff.

Ok so ill ask someone else before Birdy busts an ovarie or somethin, what exactly constitutes hardcore? Everyone says different shit, im gettin tired of the subgenre game...and dont just say "Rage"....

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Wow, Birdy loves the music so much but gets her panties in a bunch when you ask bout it "Here's your goddamn list, you unoworthy fuck!"

no ic, my panties ain't in no bunch... it's just i get annoyed cause im usually fairly nice, except when it comes to this subject and when people say something about a genre of music that they don't really know about. like im not gonna go off and badmouth trance or rap for that matter, cause i honestly have no defense and don't know much about that genre to say anything in the first place. i mean if someone doesn't know about something, it's better to ask then to speak without a clue.


see im not mad... :D .... in case you missed it, here it is again :D

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