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Who Killed the Simpsons?


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I'll admit they have a point, While the show is still very funny the Plots themselves have been on the decline as far as trying to portray a more realistic sitcom family. While i don't think the show is going to "jump the shark" as some say and plummet in quality anytime soon I think the main culprit is Time.


They've been one of the longest running TV series ever after a point everything gets done. its like the one episode of southpark, "simpsons did it" that alone shows how muchthe simpsons have actually done and how hard it can be sometimes to keep fresh stories chruning out. Maybe some new writers on the team would help, or maybe run with the more comedic aspects of it and keep it going as they are.

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Maybe cuz I'm an English teacher I'm reading too much into this, but SPongebob said:


...when TOm and Jerry were supposed to be on.


i.e. he thinks of Tom and Jerry as persons rather than as the title of a show.


I've always been a toonhead thgouh, so I guess I can't blame him...

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I like the direction the Simpsons has taken. I like how Homer never goes to work unless it's for a gag. I like how they don't have money problems. It just shows that the show has taken a different direction over the years. People are comfortable with the characters. If Homer never goes to work, no one's going to ask "What does Homer do for a living?" The pacing has become for lightning-quick than ever and the show may or may not be as great as it used to be, but that's a high standard to hold something to for over a decade. It's not as good as it used to be, but it's still the best show on the air. That's a testament to how good the show used to be. Why should it stop if it's still great, even if it's not as great as it used to be? The writers and producers are clear enjoying themselves. Lots or TV show creator feel the need to spread their wings and explore new territory, but with the Simpsons, it's like there are no rules, you have all the creative freedom you could want (sort of). It's a great show I still love the new episodes. I'll be watching tongiht.

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