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Ok, it was bound to happen...who was the highlight of Seinfeld for you, and why? Hah, watch this thing spawn a poll of "best episode" & such...

I know the popular vote goes with Kramer, and he's cool, but I fuckin loved George. When everyone was doing there thing and the show's goin chaotic, George is out pinching pennies, stealing things, pushing old ladies out of his way in burning buildings, being caught masturbating, or competing with other short balding men. :kitty: and ohters who'd watch it with me hated his charcater, i thought that was supopsed to be part of his charm (like Bill Murray in "Kingpin")....anyway lets hear it people!

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Damn my Kramer shrine would go great in this thread. Lousy FTP...


Half hanging out of his car while repainting his "luxury lanes" out by the airport, remodeling his aparetment to be nothing but wood paneling, a classic room entrance. The boy is just GREAT!

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me an irish were talkion bout this stuff yesterday, i think the best seinfield episode is the entire series and the best character well the show would not be funny with just one of them . example evry time goerge tells a story to elan jerry always does the hand motions and emphazizs one word that is not a one man job

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