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Ok people, those interested in moderation, check it out:


I want to take my name of this one. I dig this corner, but i fuckin admin; my name only need be on the Lyceum and Xavier's until i have help there. So, i got Chief here for PC stuff - a great idea, cause he adds plenty - but i need one more other console guy/gal to hold it down here. I'm lookin for:

-Someone who owns/plays PS2, Gamecube, X-box....all 3 ideally, and if you play/rent a lot, that's cool too.


-Someone who frequents video game websites (IGN, Gameforms, Gamespot etc) and will post reviews, pics, as well as their own.


That's the idea anyway. I think Junker, Silent Bob, few other people here might be good for it if they want, but post here if youre interested. For those that dont know, moderation allows you the rights to move, pin, edit, and even delete topics. Its a fair amount of power (on the board, you know..not in the scope of things) but most of it is havin your name on this corner, and youre gonna be expected to keep it lively with new topics & such when you can, as well as treat those posting within fairly. If you frequent here & think youre good for it, lemme know.

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Hah....relax, TD's a PC whore like you, so it wouldnt work anyway.

Junker passed - he doenst play new games very often. Suggested Spiffy, who does in fact play X-box, PS2 and Gamecube. Pretty good idea if he's around here more, im gonna bug him bout it. May just put another name on anime instead of his, make it a corner like Culture where hte mods are never there basically.

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Bah, I could fill this place with SHINING Gemstone commentary, but I've got the crap shack for that.


I'l put in for the job but I'm only on during the week to reply mostly and maybe a new topic here or there, Don't have time really to play most of the new game sout or even check out reviews, I'll hafta pass this one.

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Bob - That's exactly what im lookin for, a console guy. Spiffy can handle X-box stuff, are you good for PS2 & Cube? Ive seen your reviews on Metroid & all, was cool...do you frequent any game sites, would you be able to post your own (or others') reviews, maybe hype upcomin conosle game from time to time?

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spiffy here.


it would be cool to be down here, but really, mabye a conjunction of moderation power is best. i do follow up on console gaming, but as with slient bob, my time is limited (work and gf) and i'm in left field in the pc department. my suggestion is chose the powerhouses in this thread.

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