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Subtitles & Dubbing... Whats up w/THEM!


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Like IC, I've seen some really good dubs (Shinesmen. One of the few dubs thats not only as good as the original, but actually BETTER :???: ), and some really bad ones (One Piece for instance. But the domestic version of thats been edited all to hell anyway). I usually prefer the originals, and the dubs don't usually bother me unless they change shit around too much or mispronounce thing horribly (Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2, for instance. They mangle the hell out of names).


Some subtitles are incrediblely bad too (Hong Kong subs especially. They fall into two categories: passable, which is rare, and incomprehensible). I watched one subtitle (Hong Kong sub of Yu Yu Hakusho) in which the translating team actually switched two of the character's names (seriously, you could hear the two characters talk to each other while reading them call each other by their own names :pinch: )


But yeah, once again, that's Shinesmen. For those of you unfamiliar with it, its a parody of sentai team series (think a parody of Power Rangers). Its really good. Go watch it. Now.

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shit, uh, ill try it when i finds it.

and man, we watched 2 seasons of ranma sub'd, tried like 2 episodes of the dub, couldnt take it anymore. They almsot made me not want to shnob Shampoo, and that aint right.

Fortunately, Shinesmen's on dvd here, so it isn't as difficult to find as some series. :???:


Yeah, like so many, when I started on anime (had only tapes from blockbuster or its ilk, and had no idea what the fuck fansub was), I made do (Speaking of Ranma, for ages I thought that little ninja that worked for the Kuno family was actually called "Sasuke" instead of "Sas-kay".) I'm still used to the voices for the most part, but now the pronunciations and translations make me twitch occasionally.


I need to finish watching Ranma some day...

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