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Does Pitch Correction bother you?


Does the idea of pitch correction bother you?  

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So, we've all known for a while that those boybands couldn't really sing.




But, does anyone care?


Piggy once said to me that if it sounds good, who cares how it got that way?


Well, I do for one. I actually LIKE to hear imperfactions in the vocals every now and again. It's good to know that whatever flaws I may find, I'm getting something genuine. Not even a little pitch correction would sit well with me.


For those of you who are undecided, consider this: Do you think that Robert Plant would have used Pitch correction? John Lennon? Elvis?

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what exactly do you mean by pitch correction?


Falsetto (or however you spell it ) is a used by everyone Whitney Houston. Mariah Carey Aritha Franklin Celin Dion Luther Vandros Frank Sanatra Luis Armstrong (think I might have spelled that wrong) Bing Crosbey. If that's what you mean then I have no prob with it as long as the "PITCH" is not off. That drives my ears up the wall. I don't care if New kids from the back sync use falsetto. They're still no talent ass clowns.

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Hah, yeah...nah falsetto (different breathin technique if i recall, you can kinda tell if someone's usin it by watchin them) is fair, i think he means computer-aided voice synthesis, no? Could be wrong, but if that's it - and its noticable on a lotta radio pop stuff - eh, you know youre not buying quality anyway; i just wonder how they manage to sound live is all. These are not the people you see doin acoustic unplugged acts, im thinkin.

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I really dont care. If you mind pitch correction then just dont ever listen to techno music, because it involves nobody singing or playing straight up. I agree with jumbie in that a lot of music is better with imperfections. Some of it isn't. I've had the arguement 1000 times about bands that are good in the studio but bad live. Sure, that hurts em for me, but I'm not disowning a band because they're good songwriters but not talented guitarists and singers. Of course, I'd rather have a band that can do both, or at least compensate (ex. Trent Reznor has a shit voice, but damned if he doesn't write music that is perfectly suited for it.) but some bands just aren't so great outside of the studio. If it's a good song it's a good song. Sure, I dont beleive that EVERY artist should use pitch correction (which will NEVER happen by the way) but if a band is sitting on a great song that they wrote, but their singer just cant hit that note, I'd rather that they be able to put it out sounding good rather than shitty.

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what exactly do you mean by pitch correction?

There's a link to an article on it in my first post.


Here's a definition from it:


Pitch correction is actually one of many computer-based tools that producers use to make singers sound better. Using increasingly common studio software such as Pro Tools, flat notes can be fixed, off-key vocals can be spruced up and entire performances can be cut and pasted together from several different takes.




I tihnk that the big difference for me, is that music is something of a connection between the artist and my perceptions. It makes a big difference if that connection is filtered (Or at least if I know it's filtered). I want a human connection not a cyborg one.


Plus a whole lot has to do with respect. For the same reason athletes aren't allowed to use steroids or I don't tolerate cheating in my students.


Actually, that's exactly it. This pitch correction feels too much like cheating for me to accept it.

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I know now I wasnt' sure if you were talking about singing out of tune or singing in tune but not using your regular voice.



I tell you think about a year ago I didnt' like electronic music (techno) at all. I've only recently began to have an appreciation for it. And I have to say the more I think about it the more I like it. On the other hand when people use all these great machines and such to hide the fact that they have no talent then I have a real problem with that. For example: On her albumns, Mariah Carey can sing in a very high octave. However in actuality she can't sing a high "E" over "C" when needed.

Talent is talent. If you don't have it don't lie and pretend that you do. People will find out and hang you for it.

Good and bad example.

Millie Vanillie. (I don't care how it's spelled)

I know they have talent.

But the situation suggested that they didn't. Look at em now because of it.

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Pitch correction is a ball-licking travesty. Pitch correction has reached a level capable of simotaneous correction. What does that mean. Hook your microphone up to this machine and your performance live can be corrected. What the fuck is that? Imperfection in voice pitch gives a warmth to music and it masks true talent. I can't listen to a perfectly sung song and be impressed anymore because I don't know if they're doctored or not.

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