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Earth X

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Earth X. Possibly the greatest story line that Marvel has ever developed. Although I am sad to say that I have not read the Universe X and the Paradise X series, I still haven't exactly gotten over the Earth X series. Normally, I'm all over older comics, and aren't into the modern ones at all. But Earth X set the standards for great story lines and quality comics at it's highest.


Who else has had the oppurtunity to check this one out?

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Good call - NewType let me borrow this series, i read through Earth X, Universe X & some of Paradise X. At first, i was dissapointed that Ross didnt paint the interior, but the story...damn. For a massive "What If?| series, its damn interesting, tho i havent had the opportunity to read many of the one shots...theres been a bunch. Im curious to see where Paradise X ends it all, but ill wait till its done to find out. Of course, i was into their take on Wolverine, but - wish i could remember more examples here - over the course of the 2 series i read, they tie up damn near anythin in the marvel universe i can think of.



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If you're a comic book reader/fan (especially Marvel) then this is a MUST. BTW, I didn't know that they haven't finished the Paradise X series yet, is that true Irish? Anyways, Daredevil is the man in this series, and the story line is sick. I never read the one-shots either, only the big one with all of them combined. How is the storyline in Universe compared to Earth, and how could they possibly continue it any further Irish? Please let me know, I think I'm going to have to purchase that Universe X some time soon. :D

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Man...Earth X is all about them Celestials. Youd enjoy this old Thor story where he had to take one on....

Anyway, thing is, there kinda like one continious storyline: Earth leades directly to Universe, to Paradise X, which im told is the finale. Im fairly sure Paradise X is halfway done now...i recall now that ive read a few of the one shots (again, courtesy of board member newtype) but i dont recall which ones, i think there was this min-series between the 2 chapters.

Im waitin till the whole things done to see if theyll sell a hardback or trade set of the 3. Has anyone seen the Deluxe edition of Earth X hardbound?? Its got this frame of X-51 and supposedly a DVD of Ross' friends who modeled for the characters, like Captain America.

I agree with UO - if you know a fair amount of the Marvel U, youve gotta read this series and what it does - this is basically Marvel's very long Kingodm Come, so the more you know about Marvel characters - i can scarcely think of one i havent seen yet - the more youll get into it. Of course, that means its not a good standalone book for new comers to comics at all.

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I fuckin' love earth x it's one of the best comic's i've ever read.

Definately the best marvel comics ever.


I've yet to get universe x and paradise x.

I was over in london last summer and i was in forbidden planet and i asked about wheter they had U X and P X,

and they said they were'nt out yet (as in yet to be released) Man they don't know shit over there.

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Like always, I'm my rush to buy comics really cheap, I just bought Universe X at 5 bucks on eBay. Not knowing that Earth X comes first...DAMN. Now I'm gonna hafta buy it.. Anyway, when I have those on my hands and already read, I'm gonna say what I think of it...

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