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Batman: Just a rich ass guy?


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Sorry... I'd have to agree w/ US. If I was born into that much money, and my parents were brutally murdered in some vicious way, (and I never got over it) I'd probably take it upon myself to do get revenge for their deaths somehow... maybe not obsess about it so much that I'd want to make all criminals pay, but lets say for a minute I am crazy and I did obsess over it... then yeah, I'd probably make like Tony Stark & build me a suit of armor, or do me a Bruce Wayne and train to become some sort of ruthless fighting machine backed by my endless wealth and ever-good business ventures.


I guess that's why I like Iron Man... besides the obvious wealth, I get to see a pretty much normal guy use science, engineering & technology to become something 100x more than what he normally is and overcome superhuman obstacles. I guess Batman has a similar appeal to it, with a more minimalist approach to technology and a greater emphasis on physical & mental acumen.

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Yeah, I think the point is that sure, anybody with money and dead parents can become a vigilante, but batman is not just some schmuck. He is exceptionally smart and determined. And I think the point is that most people, if given his money and martial arts skills, would still die in many of the situacions batman has been in. Batman may be a human being, but he is no ordinary one, he is an exceptional one.

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I see we've created a thread for this one, good idea. I definately do agree with Big Chief that anyone with that much money that had their parents brutally murdered like that would use the money like he said. I personally think that although he is smart and does have a lot of determination (since his parents were kiloled and all) and knows good karate that he would be a kickass vigilante, but as for all that he has accomplished - had he not had those funds and technology he would have been long gone in death and would not hve been able to utalize his "detective skills" by walking the streets questioning people and analyzing clues without a supercomputer.

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batman is truely more intellegent than your average joe and he has trained much more than a lot of other superheroes. but i believe his motivation was his parents horrible murder. i agree with unidentified source that he would have been killed long ago had he not had the wealth endowed. if you took his technology and billions of dollars away from him then i don't see him being anything special, let alone entertaining me. but don't get me wrong, he is a great superhero and i like his dark knight returns series. but that's just my 2 cents.

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Do you honestly think that if he didn't have certain weapon and gizmos, he would put himself in situations he couldn't get up of? He jumps off rooftops because he knows he has that grapling hook thingie. If he could afford it, he wouldn't be dead, he'd just have less options available to him.

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so i think ive finally found the answer to jax's question: its the shoes.



by Rik Offenberger


Perhaps one of Jim Lee’s most iconic and popular images of Batman, the cover to issue #608, features the Dark Knight’s…well, footwear – prominently. Continuing that (admittedly stretched to breaking) theme, Lee has designed more footwear for Batman, or, more accurately, footwear with Batman on it.


In what’s sure to become geek chic for the coming convention season and beyond, Lee has designed a limited edition Chuck Taylor All Star Batman shoe for Converse.


The description of the shoes, which retail for $65.00 US, reads:


“Comic book artist Jim Lee collaborated with Converse and the WB television network to design a Batman-inspired Chuck Taylor. Images of the Caped Crusader swoop across this limited edition shoe; clear outsole features a Gotham cityscape. Canvas upper, vulcanized rubber midsole and outsole for increased durability and flexibility.”


More about the shoes, as well as ordering information, can be found here







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