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How much anime do you own?


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Well  :D I was just because I'm curious how much "animation" do you own/have you seen?


I thought that this might help the forum pick up some posting you know that thing people don't do around here, anywayz the reason for this is well, this way some people can find a common intrest and post... :sly:

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Haha...its a good thing NewType or Lupin83 ever answered this thread, it'd be a few pages by now....


Me, i have what's been graciously dubbed to VHS by Spiffy & NewType. Right now ive got Vision of Escaflowne, half of GTO, Cowboy Bebop, 3 seasons of Ranma, Trigun, El Hazard, Macross Plus, some Golden Boy, and Im waiting on the full set of Kenshin on VCD's.


In additon, i dubbed (on my own) Ninja Scroll, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Street Fighter 2, and some Lodoss War ive yet to see. Plus, Chi-chan left me her Mizaki DVD set (Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, Grave of Fireflies, Kiki's Delivery Service etc), so im stocked for a while to come, fuck cable.

Oh, a while back Kee taped me Berserk but the subtiltles bounce all over the place, kinda unviewable sadly, cause it was really cool of him and the series looks good...anger. ???

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You're a troll. Shut up, troll.


As for non-japanese anime, I got almost the entire old "Legend of Zelda" cartoon on tape, a few Ren & Stimpy tapes, and some X-Men ones, inlcuding the old pilot one with Wolverine in an aussie accent (?).

Im really thinkin of pickin up Cowboy Bebop on DVD or at least VCD, this seires just keeps gettin cooler.

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We werent talkin bout smarts....

Spongebob, Anime is one of those cool forums that doesnt get the attention it deserves. Fuck with this one or Xavier's and you get locked out for a bit, follow?


Jax - I just might, at that. Fuckin hell, this one oozes style. I'm at around episode 13 or so...even the slow parts of Bebop are either funny as hell or just cool. I can see why ya took to Ed too, she's a trip.

I'm doing a huge review of this one when its done. Dont suppose there's much out there like this, huh?

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Now that you've finished the series, you should watch the movie. I have excellent quality movie file of it, 576MB. Much beeter than the fansubs available, but only a little worse than the DVD. If you have broadband, just gimme your ICQ# and I'll send it to you.


Somethign as good as Bebop besides the movie? You've already seen Trigun. There's Outlaw Star too. Other than that, it's really in a catergory on it's own.


Ed rules!

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? Why split it if its one good file? I dont follow...

As for the SNL ones, i came across a 700 meg CD, thinkin of just burnin em all to that, then makin copies & sending them out, physically-like....would that be easier?


PS I really liked Ein, too.

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hmm... damn... let's start with watched, shall we?


akira, ghost in the shell, dominion tank police, appleseed, black magic m66, battle angel, esclafowne, initial d, outlanders, madox 001, robotech, macross plus, macross II, vampire hunter d, fushi yuugi, street fighter 2, tekken, ninja scroll, return of jubei, wings of homineese, grave of firefies, spirited away, kiki's delivery service, naustica, princess monoke, laputa, armitage, gundam wing, cowboy bebop, plastic little, goldenboy, new dominion, castle of caligistro (lupin,) escape from alkatraz (sp?, lupin), mahao sukai tai OAV, final fight, burn up, riding bean, blood - last vampire, lain, ushio and tora, operation lillycat (super suck anime)


partially watched (some episodes here and there):


hand maid may, pokemon, sailor moon, ebichu, bubblegum crisis, bubblegum tokyo 2040, dragon pink, devil hunter yohko, lodoss war, berserk, slam dunk, gto, evangelion, orguss 02, gunsmith cats, gundam stardust memory, cultural cat girl nuku-nuku, marmalade boy, child's toy, noir, macross 7, ranma, kimigure orange road, dna ^ 2, utrasai yatsura (lum,) crying freeman, trigun, vandred, nadesco, shurato, shadow skill, angel santuary, utena, giant robo, panzer dragon, devilman, angel cop, totoro, 8 man after, a-ko, battle atheletes, you're under arrest, dragonball (who's actually seen everything here?)


i'm sure i missed some somewhere, i'll come back to edit this.


all animation? you are gonna make me feel all kiddie like?

teenage mutant ninja turtles (we're really hip,) mask, he-man, transformers, smurfs, thundercats, silverhawks, tom and jerry, loony tunes/merrie melodies (i would always only want to see the road runner and skip everything else,) ghostbusters, captain N, mario brothers, woody woodpecker, chipmunks, garfield, voltron, chip n dale's rescue rangers, duck tales, tale spin (that first episode 5 part was totally awesome,) cops, x-men, batman, ani-maniacs, re-boot (you said animated!,) simpsons, bevis and butthead.

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STOP with all theese questions! I DO NOT OWN ANY!




But on a totaly different note.


The only anime I have ever seen was ninja scroll and it was pretty good.


Furthermore, i have decided my posts in this forum shall be meaningful, lest i shut my goddamn mouth, which of course is also a viable option.

Now, i for one am a big fan of evangelion. Granted, many of you are now saying "Spongebob, you're far too stupid to appreciate the level of eastern philosophy found therein."

Perhaps. Yet the top-notch animation & in-depth characterization still allowed me to enjoy said series.

In addition, I've caught bits of Gunsmith Cats but sadly have yet to watch an episode in its entirey. Not too shabby, from what I've seen! These are my current thoughts on anime, thank you and good-day.


editor's note: just cleared up the grammar.

Edited by Irish Cowboy
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ok, i think my post is thouroughly updated from before. that stuff that i've watched in its etirety, i own somehow in some format (dvd, vhs, vcd, divx) and some of that stuff that i've half watched i might have.


far be it for me to have all this organized....


feel free to ask me about any of the previously posted.

Edited by spiffytee
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I've got (legit):

-Evangelion (the whole 26 episodes on 6 DVDs)

-The end of Evangelion

-Macross Plus (4 OAV on 2 DVDs)

-Macross Plus the movie

-Vampire Hunter D

-Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

-Rurouni Kenshin OAVs (the first 4)


I've downloaded from Internet:

-Midori no hibi (complete)

-X (complete)

-Wolf's Rain (complete)

-Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (first season)

-Elfen Lied

-Saint Seiya The Hades Sanctuary Chapter

-Chobits (complete)

-FullMetal Alchemist (complete)

-DN Angel (complete)

-Geneshaft (complete)

-Samurai Champloo (complete)

-Grenadier (complete)

-Saint Seiya

-Ghost In The Shell 2

-.Hack// Tasogare no udewa no desetsu

-Adventures of Mini Goddess.


As for non Japanese Animation, I have:

-The Simpsons Season 1

-The Simpsons Season 2

-The Simpsons Season 3

-The Simpsons Season 4

-Corpse Bride


I once had.. and I'm planing on buying it soon...

-Blood the last vapire

-Ninja Scroll (the movie)

-Bublegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (Whole 26 episodes)

-Gunsmith Cats

-Birdy the Mighty


-Saber Marionette J (26 episodes)

-All the DBZ movies and specials

-Martian Sucessor Nadesico (the movie) The prince of Darkness

And many more that now I can't remember....


Not to much, but when I get a job I'm planning to buy a lot of Anime...

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It's a long list


legit copys:

The first Gundam

Gundam movie trilogy

Gundam 08 MS team

Gundam 0080

Gundam 0083

Zeta Gundam

Char's Counterattack

Gundam F-91


Gundam Seed

Gundam Seed trilogy

Gundam Seed Destiny

Ranma 1/2 Box set 1-7 + OAV

King Gainer

Last Exile

Kekko Kamen


Kiddy Grade

Dominion Tank Police

Ghost in the shell S.A.C + 2nd Gig + Solid State Society

Scapped Princess

Evangelion + the 2 movies

Project A-KO

Castle in the sky

Princess Mononoke

Spirted away

Kiki delivery service


My Neighor totoro

Howls moving castle

Castle of Cagliostro

Ah my goddess TV + OAV + Movie

Cowboy bebop + Movie

Riding Bean

Gunsmith cats

Cutie Honey

Queen Emeraldas


Fooly Cooly

Phantom quest


Kimagure orange road + OAV + Movies


Tekkaman Blade

Crusher Joe

Iczer 1


Supermilk Chan

Your under Arrest

Ninja scroll



Crest of the stars

Banner of the stars 1-2


Steel Angel Kurumi

Silent Mobius

Saber Marionette J

Saber Marionette J-X

Please Teacher

Please Twins

Love Hina = Movies + OAV


Outlaw Star



Blue sub 6

Robotech + 2nd movie

Macross Plus

Excel saga


Tokyo underground

Escaflowne + Movie

Neo Ranga

Azumanga Daioh


Dirty pair OAV + Movies

Full metal Panic

Full metal Panic Fumoffu

Full metal Panic 2nd raid

Samurai Champloo

Full metal Alchemist

Cat girl Nuku Nuku/dash

Starblazers box set 1-3

Record of lodoss war



The world of Narue



Kenshin box set 1-2

Urusei Yatsura + OAV + Movies

Brain Powerd


Tenchi Muyo + Movies + 2nd OAV

Tenchi Universe

Dragonballz season 1-2

Caption Tylor OAV


Hard Drive + Bootleg DVDs

Macross: Do you remember love

Blood +

Gundam ZZ

Mazinkaiser movie


Turn A Gundam

V Gundam

Gundam X

MS Igloo


Seven of seven

Air gear

Devil may cry

Blue dragon


Macross Zero

1st robotech movie

Bubblegum Crisis OAV

Bubblegum Crisis 2040

Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Afro Samurai

Combattler V



Final Fantasy Legend of the Crystals

Final Fantasy VII last order

Galaxy Express 999

Gekiganger 3

Girls Bravo

Golden Boy

Green Green

Green legend Ran

Gunbuster 2

Gundam seed stargazer

Zeta Gundam movies


Jubei Chan


Maison Ikkoku


lucky star


Mai Hime

Orguss II


Read or Die OAV

Read or Die TV

Robot Carnival

Ronin Warriors

Space Adventure Cobra

Tale of Eternia

Tales of Phantasia

Tales of Symphonia

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Votles V

Voltron - Vehicle Force

Wicked City




Non Japanese Animation (legit)

Batman TAS 1-4

Superman 1-3

JLA 1-2

JLU 1-2

Batman beyond 1-3

Ducktales 1-2

Happy tree friends

South park 1-9


Captain N

Super Mario Bros 3

Danger mouse

Voltron - Lion force

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