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I assume America go this new HBO dramam a while ago but on terrestrial TV over in England, the first episode of this new drama was tonight.


I decided to give it a watch, especially since HBO has a great record with slick well-written drama/black comedies, The Sopranos and Sex and the City being the best examples.


For those who don't know it revolves around a family in the funeral business who end up mourning the death of their father and inheriting the business. Lots of death jokes, hearses, cremation of course follow, but if you don't mind this definitely give it a go.


The script is sharp and obviously well thought out, the budget seems to be more than adequate, giving birth to all sorts of weird shit in it, including occasional advertisements selling everything from embalming fluid to hearses. I think its very funny, and generally very very cool.


Congrats HBO on another top-notch series, I for one will be a continued viewer of good American drama. Unfortunately my social life can say goodbye on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays for this, ER and West Wing respectively :D



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I miss the hell outta rippin off HBO back home.  Back then it was just Dennis Miller, Chris Rock, Spawn, random movies & comedy speicals, etc.  They had a season or two of Oz before i left, really got into it.  Wasnt a fan of Sex & The City, but Arliss is fun.

This 6 feet Under sounds interestin, as does Band of Brothers; havent seen either.  However...after seeing 2 seasons of Sopranos, im tempted to get HBO just to watch that one.  Fuckin great show.

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A drama series about undertakers shouldn't really be compelling drama, but when I heard that this was to be a drama about undertakers created by the writer of American Beauty and developed by HBO I took notice. First of all this is television of almost redefining brilliance. The series is hard edged (some of the death scenes of the clients (i.e the guess characters whose funeral takes center stage of each episode) tends to be quite graphic, the language frequently strong and there are many number of sexual scenes. However, unlike HBO's other golden child, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under is a series with heart and emotional integrity and is frequently very moving, but does so without dipping into the realms of sentimentality. Don't kid yourself if you haven't seen this series yet, we're not in made for television film territory here. This is dark stuff, full of disturbing dream sequences, downright strange dream sequences and sex of every kind.




A great series would be nothing without great characters and Six Feet Under has them in abundance. The Fisher family are at the forefront of the story and each one has their inherent little pet foibles that mark them out as superb to watch. Nate is laid back and is starting a serious relationship with Brenda, his brother David is gay (for the first season heavily closeted), sister Clare is a teenager coping with peer pressure and boyfriend trouble, mother Ruth is severely insecure while father Nathaniel senior is, well, he's dead and his ghost shows up every so often to give guidance to his family, most often to David. Then there's Brenda, Nate's girlfriend who has a crazy, psychopath of a brother, and her subsequent problems with sex addiction.





If this all sounds crazy, then you're right, Six Feet Under is crazy, but with television getting increasingly lazy by relying on formulaic reality television show, Six Feet Under is breath of fresh air. It's surreal, downright strange yet compelling and beautiful. The wonderful music score by Thomas Newman, the great scripts and wonderful direction, and let's not forget the fantastic Emmy nominated performances, all help to make this one of the most moving shows on television. The way that the family deal with the funeral at the heart of each episode and the way that the writers deal with the story makes Six Feet Under one of the most poignant shows on television today.


A series that is disturbing, puzzling but eventually moving, this is truly one of a kind.

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