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Momento - Lost Hondo's data


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Ok, this thread is here for everyone to post the thigns they notice missing since we re-opened, so I can try to get as back there as best i can.


If there's an image, avatar, or detail such as your post count, let me know here, and i will do my best to correct it.


Things that i havent found back just yet:

-the Sports forum skin (hopefully soon)

-Banana man

-the :D smiley, the running blue guy

-the :pic: smiely....no big deal.


Also, the Monty Python/Writings on the Wall/Pimp hand forum is gettin a redux soon.

As for the rest of what's to be restored: 1) Spoiler tags, 2) Member o' the Day, 3) the chat room. After alla that...the big Member List overhaul. So, what's missing?

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Basically, yes. Fresh start for some of our new members cause of my mistake, so i have to start fresh too.

The number means little past 10k or so anyway...i just wish i could put an infinity symbol there, to be honest.

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Dude, this thing says I haven't been on since December 4th of '03.  I've been on once a month-and-a-half or so, including last week...or was it the week before that?...



All the posts between Dec 03 and last week is lost. So now, on this board, it's like that period of time never happened...except we remember it and can talk about it. Kinda like with time travel...kinda....



...only not really.

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