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Games that should get remade


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First on my personal list is Bonanza Bros, a popular Sega arcade game that got ported to the Master System & Genesis in limited quantities. Its quite basic: 2 players can work together as robbers, trying to outwit the cops by slamming doors on them, stunning them, etc - basically, get the money and run, while fighitng the clock too.


It gets tricky, but i used to find it really addicting...if you liked the old 8-bit Spy vs Spy game like i did, this one's a classic.


So, post the gems youd like to see remade!

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Good call...that classic gets slept on, i dont know why. Im happy to be able to play Frogger & Donkey Kong again, but Q-bert started the puzzle genre, i wonder why he's not a retro icon like pac-man?






That little guy sure had a foul mouth...This site says you can play it over there, check it out & see if it works!

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didnt wanna try the link, eh...? Ah well, next game!








Yes, Bubble Bobble, the NES/arcade classic of 99 levels, 2 quests, and 1 song the whole damn way through. I know, the series evovled into "Bust-A-Move", and that was fun too, but it was a different kind of puzzle game altogether, and i miss this classic 2-player co-operative one, we need more like these.

Youd build up all these power-ups, and score mad points, then one angry, fast enemy'd fuck it up! Plus, like any old-school 2P, you could hijkack extra men from your other player if you sucked & ran out...forced generosity, you dont see that in games no more.

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Good one, I loved beating everyone of those 255+ levels :D


I spent 20 minutes playing Gradius at the mall the other day. At the stands where one controller holds a nintendo and over a thousand games. A good soundtrack is timeless, even on 8 bit bleeps.


I would like to see a remake of Tron: Deadly Discs!

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Yahven: Youre right, it was 255...i used a code to get to the big goofy last guy, good call.

...Tron what?


Tussin: Man, you got good taste in games, that was a classic platformer, lotta fun too. The sequel, "Air Zonk" (that ario had) was...eh, it was a space shooter, not the same. Bonk was a blast, tho.



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Maaaaan...they been tryin that one for years, every 3-D attempt has failed. Actually, there was a recent one that was suppoed to be fun, but way too hard...gotta look that one up.

Original contra was classic; Super C was cool too. But man, Contra III: Alien Wars for SNES? That shit set a new standard for 2-player action games, you know?












Maddox has a fun page about that, too.

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Hahaha...ive played some TG-16 emulation (thats when you play the game on a computer, hacked-like) for some classic RPG's....there's a great Castlevania game, and god knows Ario might still have some of his titles layin around: Air Zonk and a few others...dont forget, Bonk had 2 parts!


In retro game news, Midway Arcade Treasures 2 is lookin sharp, check out the lineup:



Arch Rivals

Championship Sprint

Cyberball 2072

Gauntlet 2

Hard Drivin’

Kozmik Kroozr’

Mortal Kombat 3

Mortal Kombat II


Pit Fighter

Primal Rage

Rampage World Tour

Spy Hunter 2


Total Carnage

Wizard of Wor





Xeno, Rampage, Pit Fighter, Narc (soon to be remade, by the way), MK II, Gauntlet...damn. And all of it, on any console, for $20! Im thinkin of gettin it.

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I used to play this 7Up game on Sega Genesis that was pretty cool.

Cool Spot! Dammit woman, you have some taste in your classics. :D






A gimmick game based on a mascot with no real personality...this game shoulda been a flop. Instead, it had really sharp graphics for its time, and level design made it a surprisingly fun platformer, id love to play this one again sometime.


I'ma go on a limb with another fun platformer that Ario had for SNES...i remmeber enjoying Hook.





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Hah! Bubsy was good fun for SNES, as i recall, but the 3-D one for PSX is often heralded as one of the worst games ever, sadly, due to repetitive voice samples, horrible hit detection, and having no fucking point.


The original, tho, was indeed a cool game.





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