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The Beatles Lyrics Game!

Reverend Jax

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OK, much like the Lyrics Game this one is just for us Beatlemaniacs (I think we have a fair number of them on the board). You post lyrics from a Beatles song, someone posts the song and new lyrics.


But wait, I'm adding a new spin for us Beatlesmaniacs! : A scoring system where knowing more than just the song will earn you big points! Why? Because there's no point to life if you can't keep score to see who's winning. It's complicated, like the dynamics of John and Paul's personnal relationship, so bare with me.


Let's say I post:


In the time....when I was born...lived a man...who sailed to sea


You get 1 point for posting it's Yellow Submarine, but you can get extra point for other things:


1 point for posting which was the first album it appeared on: In this case you could say it appeared on Revolver, or say it originally appeared on the Double A-side single Elanor Rigby/Yellow Submarine and they was added on to Revolver later. The later will only earn you extra cool points. If it was a single that never appear on an album, say that or which Past Masters album it appeared on.


1 point for posting who wrote it/sang lead vocals: over 90% of the time, the Beatles that wrote the song sang it. If you know who sang it, post that for 1 point (in this case, Ringo) or who wrote it (in this case, Paul). If it's a cover, you need only say the original artist to perform it (not who wrote it). You can say just one or all of these things, but it will only earn you 1 point if you say them all.


1 point for posting the year it was recorded or released, UK or US (you need not specify). In this case it would be 1966 either way, but some songs of Let It Be for example would be recorded in 1969 and released in 1970.


And 1 point for posting new lyrics, so don't forget!


Their might be a score like this:


Jack's Meandering Thoughts: 7

Aartemys: 11

MetalHeart: 4

Irish Cowboy: 2

Heartlessbitch: 15


After you've answered the quote, copy the previous score board above, paste it below your answer, change your score accordingly, and post your new lyrics (which gets you 1 extra point if you'll recall). If you're names not on the scoreboard, just tack it on.


If two people post to answer one set of lyrics (like they're doing it at about the same time), ignore the second one (sorry, you lost that turn). As a music moderator, I'll delete it later.


If lyrics go unanswer for 48 hours, it's up for grabs to post new ones, but you don't get a point of posting the new lyrics.


Finally, don't post any info like who wrote the song unless you are sure, because...if you get it anything wrong, someone can challenge it! For every individual answer you get wrong and someone challenges, you'll lose 2 points and the challenger will get 2 points! Why so ruthless, cause it's the Beatles goddamnit!


Have any questions? Just ask.


OK. I will start it with the post following this one. I will not add 1 point to my score for the new lyrics for this first one. I'll start the score board with the 3 people I know for sure will want to participate. Everyone else, just tack your name on when you get some points.

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It's "Don't let me Down". Havn't a clue what album it's from...John Lennon does all the hard work though. No cool points for me....  :D


Here's a really easy one...but I always loved the way it sounded...



Sont les mots qui vont très bien ensemble

DAMNIT haha you picked the one I was going to use (If I ever got one right.





album: Rubber Soul

also featured on the '62-'66 "red album"

Recorded '64

Sang by Paul (gorgeously sang too!)



Loooooove that song!


and now new lyric(s)


Ask a policeman on the street / There's so many there to meet



annnnnd the score thus far! (assuming that you cats agree with my information):

Jack's Meandering Thoughts: 0

MetalHeart: 5

White Line Nightmare: 5

2track: 3

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Ladies and Gentle men, I could not let it weigh on my concious that I was a cheater.

And so I am admitting to you know that I do indeed have a secret weapon.


It's been a good four years since I have been obsessed with the beatles. Had that time been now, I would be able to qoute anything from any interview/movie/song, when/where/why and who.


It is with great regret that I cheated with the information I gave.

I curse thee wicked internet!

and myself.


And so, With this said, the new scores follow:


Jack's Meandering Thoughts: 5

MetalHeart: 0

White Line Nightmare: 5

2track: 3







had this been a Tori thread, you all would have been BURNED!!!!!!!!

because I got all her shiz down pat!

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And of course, Henry the horse, dances the waltz


"Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite!"

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Written & sung by John Lennon

Released in 1967


Jack's Meandering Thoughts: 5

MetalHeart: 0 (Or 5, depending on who you ask)

White Line Nightmare: 5

2track: 3




"Her name was Magill, and she called herself Lil, but everyone knew her as Nancy."

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Shit Jax that one was easier than mine...you tryna hook MH up with some easy points...?


I Saw Her Standing There

Please Please Me

and err...John Lennon.



Look at him working. Darning his socks in the night when there's nobody there



Jack's Meandering Thoughts: 10

MetalHeart: 0

White Line Nightmare: 10

2track: 6



*edited 'cause I fogot to add a new one or do scores :D *

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That's Across the Universe written by John, originally released as a single in 1969, then later a slightly different version appeared on Let It Be in 1970.


Here I stand head in hand

Turn my face to the wall

If she's gone I can't go on

Feelin two foot small

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