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Alright, people...


Gonna be some changes comin soon! Look for:


1) New front page - Hopefully in the next week or two! Nothing dramatic, just a slight touch-up on the logo & motto and such, should be cool.


2) New board - Were gonna upgrade to Invisionboard 2.0 soon...this means smoother graphics, new options, all kinda things.

On the downside...all new skins, but im gonna do what i can to customize the place & update it, a new look might be good for us, what with the relaunching and all.

(sorry, 2track, i dont think we can replace the matrix skin...) :D


Right now, they dont seem to have a "Member of the Day" plugin yet, which is ok since i couldnt get ours back anyway. Ill keep an eye out for it, but watch for cool new ones here too.


3) New chat - Hopefully, it will intergrate better with the new board, and your login from here should be good for there too....new skins, smileys, etc, its sharp.


4) New Moderators - For those that dont know...Aartemys & Signal are now moderators, congrats to both of em! :D


5) Updated F.A.Q - Once the new board's in, and the new options are there, ill be sure to update it there too.


6) Member uploading - Ok, so i already did this one before i left, but its still cool....within reason, members are now allowed to upload pics (of no larger than 250 KB) to the board's servers, so if youve got a pic to share, go for it!


More to come, but some pretty big stuff there people, whaddya think?


- :D

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Basically, the job is just pinning topics, moving things when need be, etc - nothin they need much, but its supposed to be a corner youll feel responsibility to keep goin, you know? I dont like havin too many heads in one forum, but if you're really into something, put your bid in - inclination is at least 75%.

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Some of the new features 2.0 will bring:


Unlimited Sub Forums

Relative Dates

Multiple attachments with auto-thumbnail generation

Member Online/Offline user indicators in posts

Multi-Quote- ability to quote more than 1 post at a time

Ignore user feature

Full text searching improvements

Ability to bypass the bad word filter

Threaded mode view

Linear plus mode view

Ability to attach files to polls when starting

Ability to perform mod actions when starting polls

[PM] Ability to attach files to a PM

[PM] Ability to show CC users

[PM] Message count for each folder

[PM] Improved new PM notification

Improved Mozilla posting editor

Online forum users shows who is posting a new topic

Online topics users shows who is replying to the topic

[ACP] Rewritten templating system

[ACP] Mail queue to allow bulk mail to be sent

[ACP] Ability to have members in multiple groups

[ACP] Task Manager to automate processes

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Nah, ill address that more when i mass email the board members to welcome everyone back in (even the lost ones), but basically: were on a pro server now. Were backed up every week, every day, and every few hours. On top of that, Im taking to the idea of making a manual backup every few months & keeping it here, just in case, so I can assure you: we'll lose the skins, but the threads, members etc will not be lost again.


I just wrote to Invision board; the upgrade to the new board might go down by tomorrow!

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We might be down for 1/2 to 1 hour tonight; dont fret, it'll be the upgrade, if it can get done this evening.

Iroincally, once its done, i can add a banner up top to let folks know when they come in, if the mod works...anyway, just so ya know! If youre locked out, give it a wee bit & come back, hoepfully we'll be back up in a timely manner.


dammit, im gonna have to re-do the emoticons again! tussin, keep an eye out, im feelin half assed tonite :D

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Uhm...pardon the mess, people, just cleanin up around here...oh yeah, 2T just mailed to say his password didnt work, so i issued a temp one. Once im done recalcluating member data (another 10 minutes or so, hopefully) that shoudlnt be an issue, but if it is, just email me & ask for a temp pass to get back in, people!

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tried to log on last night at about 1ish but it said I had an invalid account. I was like um no I don't!!! then I was in aim hell cause I tried iming you (nick) and several other members and I couldn't. ::sniff:: I was devistated that I couldn't post!




Well now I am off to nap in my office...nite nite


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Jesus...ok, were basically open again, sorry for the delay.


So, yeah, this isnt a finished product by any means; even the board's software itself is in its final stages (this is kinda a beta; full release is in september - i jumped a bit early to see what it could do for us.)


Well, until the full release is out, skins are scarce, and to be honest, im tempted to trick them out & make them look like our usual ones, but anythin i do will be undone by the final version, which could be any time now, so...this is basically a testing period.

Posts & everything wont be touched, fear not, im just talkin cosmetics here people. And remember, skins never look like they do when im done slapping our images all over them, these are just base ones, or archetypes, so take a look around, lemme know what you think works and what doesnt...itll be really sharp in here before you know it.

Otherwise, everything should be ok - there's an improved function to get members back in if their passwords are screwed, so hopefully that's that.

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Fair enough - remember tho, its basically a name thing.

Sure, you can pin, move, and sometimes edit topics, but most dont do that at all; i just like puttin people's names on certain forums so they feel a certain claim to them, and work to keep em alive every now and again.

Serioulsy, look at our list of mods...some do much to maintain their corner; some havent been by since the crash.

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Ah, now i know how to not make our forum logos look like shit! woo hoo!! :D

So, the skins are still kinda weak here & there, but at least i can do that much. Ill repost the politcs & fight club ones soon, for those keepin score, and then, its off to find a more pimp-looking harry potter...

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Only cause were low on skins, and that one was purple, which was suggested by Aarty as a good color for the place.

New logo in there, incidentally, with a spotlight on one our favorite members... :D


Were open to more suggestions in this forum if youve got ideas, people!

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