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Ok, so this thread was cool. I ended up gettin the Brand Nubian album cause of what Duads said, and it was really good, so thanks man. I gotta look up that Jurrasic 5 track later, too.


Here's some stuff i was recommended on the Bendis board that i cant find on Suprnova.org yet:


-Little Brother - The Listening, The Chitlin' Circuit Mixtape (MC's: Phonte, Big Pooh)

-9th wonder - God's stepson (Nas remixes)

-Jill Scott



Anyone got/know about that? Soon as they post that, along with Roots' "Illadelph Halflife", ill be a happy man.


Anyway, dont forget: if there's a band/artist you wanna know more about, post it here, and hopefully a fellow board member will be able to recommend a few songs to try them out with.

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as usual, nina simone.


but The Killers are AWESOME!!!! i don't know where i've been lately. i heard about them from some friends a while ago but i've never listened to them until recently when they started getting played on tv. kinda 80s sounding. and they're a very pretty band.


and i've been turned onto Zero 7 and Frou Frou lately too. very soothing and mellow.

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The Von Bondies aren't bad. Not my cup of tea but I have some friends who are really into them.


As for Dead Prez, while I like there newest release RBG: Revolutionary But Gansta, the first 5 or so tracks off Lets Get Free is some of the best hip hop I've ever heard. If you can tell me of a harder and dirtier track than Hip Hop by Dead Prez I will be impressed.

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What ya'll know bout "The Alchemist"? Ive heard good things bout "1st Infantry", but dont know the guy...


Also, i may not know much bout em, but this Guerrilla Black guy needs to get offa Biggie's dick. The look, the flow, all of it: its a more obvious bite than anyone could've said of Shyne.


Oh, and im open to jazz artists to be put onto, as well.

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I recently downloaded via bit torrent the complete discography of the 5,6,7,8's (the band in the Tokyo club in Kill Bill Vol 1, in case any of you didn't already know that). I'm really digging it. The song in KBv1 (Woo Hoo) is a kinda early sixties garage rock song, and alot of their songs follow that suit, but a bunch of their songs are more like early sixties surf guitar, just like all those great tracks on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, like Bustin' Surfboards by the Tornadoes, Bullwinkle Part 2 by the Centurians, Comache by the Revels or Surf Rider by The Lively Ones. Not quite like Miserlou by Dick Dale and the Del-Tones, just because they don't have technique anywhere near Dick Dale's level, but few do.


There's also the great novelty of listening to Japanese women screaming English lyrics at the top of their lungs. You wonder: is there English really that bad, are they not even trying, or are they actaully intentionally sounding this bad?


But that's not the entire appeal, because they actually have a handful of instrumental tracks on each album, and many are fantastic fun, and some are just downright groovy.


I'm uploading two of their songs to my ftp, first a super short (1:16) mellow cool track, Harlem Nocturne, and second the explosive blast of pure energy, Bomb The Twist. Give them a listen, I went throught he trouble of uploadign them.

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