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Just a curious thread.  Wanted to know which actor / actress completely rocks your world.  If you would meet this person face to face, you would regress to baby talk and pass out from the excitement.


My pick?  My all-time favorite hot-as-hell actress, Alyssa Milano.


Not the greatest pic, I'll find another one.

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Good pick, Chiefy...she's hot.  Dont know what happened in that recent 1-800-Collect commercial tho, she dont look so good there for some reason.

Hmm...this might just be me gettin back to the Latin chicks of Miami again, but i'll go with Salma Hayek.  



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Goddamn...good call Dan. Ok here's a TV one...Topanga!





Almost makes me want to watch that shitty show she's on...a bit of "girl next door" i know, but fuck, i never had anyone lookin like that live next door to my ass...

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Here's another shocker...


Remember that God-awful show, Party of Five?  Where the only good reason to watch was to see Jennifer Love Hewitt's boobies?  Well, remember that little girl who played the younger sister?  A little dorky, a little lanky, but still pretty in a way?  Check her now...



Lacey Chabert for dat ass...  God bless America.  (Jennifer who?)  You can catch a glimpse of her finished product in Not Another Teen Movie.

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wow.. the testosterone levels are rising by the second..


here's my fuck you very much list


1.) Benicio del Toro (i have a thing for latin guys..)


2.) Heath Ledger (i have a thing for guys with accents)


3.) Dave Baksh (Guitarrist for Sum 41, there's just something about a guy in a band)


4.) Kurt Cobain (okay i know he's dead.. )


5.) James Dean.. (okay i know he's dead too..)


6.) Jason Lee (he used to be a skater guy.. plus he's just so damn cool)

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Wow, since the Party of 5 chick lost the puppy fat shes not bad.


Which movie do you reckon C.Ricci is hottest in? Believe me I've sweated over this one. Do you prefer the dominating slut type thing with 'The Opposite of Sex', the mysterious virgin look as in 'Sleepy Hollow', or the dare I say it......Adamms Family?  :p

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