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Best Mel Brooks Movie


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Nono, Bacchus, I know "To Be or Not To Be". But I was only including movies he directed, and he didn't direct that one.



"Stand-up philospher."


"Stand-up philosopher! I coalesce the vapor of human existence into a viable and meaningful comprehension."

"Oh! A Bullshit Artist! Did you bullshit last week?"


"Did you TRY to bullshit last week?"



Heh, or the one that most people usually don't catch.


"Give to Oedipus! Give to Oedipus! - Hey Josephus!"

"What's up, mother-fucker!"

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I always thought so, too, but I researched a bit before I made the poll and found out it's not true.


"It's not true?"

"No, it's not true."

"Aha! So, it IS true!"

"A double negative!"

"Double negative? Do you mean you have photographs."

"That sounds like a confession to me. In fact the double negative has led to proof positive. I'm afraid you gave yourself away."

"Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"

"You don't need any help from me, sir."

"That's right!"


Ok, not a Mel Brooks flick, but certainly in his spirit.

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The movie, or the Broadway version? Unfortunately I've yet to see either in its entirety (though I've seen a few scenes from the movie, and it's great) but I heard that the Broadway show was even better. Hell, it has to be with casting that inspired.

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Heh, I dunno. I'm sure it's gone down quite a bit, by now. But it's no longer using the original cast, though, so no Nathan Lane or Matthew Broderick, and they were some of the reasons I wanted to see it. I think they made a cd of it, but it's hard to find. I wish they had made a dvd. One can only hope...

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It's cool, i've sorta come to!!! It was The Producers i'm thinking of! Gonna vote for that or Blazing Saddles. I liked Spaceballs when it came out, seen it recently though and it was different from what i remember! Fuck this, i'm away for a hair o' the dog that mauled me...

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