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What Is Your Top 10

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:baa: (:D just love...

:D "Romance/Comedy" aka "chick flixs" some-1 should come up with a better name


10:: On the Line  ( Just cuz n'sync is in it,Lance :blush:)

 9:: Serendipity (Just cuz its cute)


 :0      "Suspense/Horror/Drama"

8:: Don't Say a Word

7:: I Am SAM :scared:

6:: Scilence of the Lambs


:shoot:  Action/comedy/sci-fi :D


5:Legend of Drunken Master

4:Star Wars (everything)

3:Matrix/5th element

2:Jet li the Legend 2


1:Iron Monkey


And the concludes my list... So yeah whats yours?:monkey:

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Hmm, this one's kinda hard, can't pick just ten.. I guess I'll just randomly pick ten personal faves that not everyone has seen.


1. Shawshank Redemption

2. Dolores Claiborne

3. Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?

4. Dark City

5. Three Kings

6. Being John Malchovich

7. This is Spinal Tap

8. Mulhulland drive

9. Pleasantville

10. Requiem for a Dream

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Ouch, we got a million different top 15 lists for like 3 different eras of music but people can't scrounge up ten movies to reccomend?...  I see how it is... no love for the flicks. :plain:   Come on people, you'd think we were talking about books or something, :D I know you can throw together a movie top ten.

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Yukkk. Kow dare you mention that shitty remake, 'The Jackal' in my prescence. That movie was just horrible. No, I meant the original 1973 version directed by Fred Zinnemann. Where as the remake with Willis used special effects and tawdry directing, the original relied on tension, which is pretty amazing considering the movie is based on a true story and therefore anyone with a pinch of historic knowledge will already know the ending (the movie being about the assasination attempt on General De Gaulle).


Check it out if you haven't seen it. Doesn't get mentioned very often but is a truly inspirational piece of film making and some of the best acting I've ever seen.


As you also might have guessd from my list, I Iove Al Pacino gangster movies. Just realised one I should of included was 'Goodfellas'. Ganster movies are definitely one of my fave genres, so many classics to see.


How about a list from you IC, curious what you love from the big screen.

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:yy: it depends on which top ten inw hat category youre looking for...  Like in what mafia movies?  Then the obvious choices are 1.  Godfather

                 2. Godfather

                  3.  Goddfellas....


Dammit Im too tired to give a shit~! :yy:

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1. Fight Club

2. Star Wars Trilogy

3. 12 Monkeys

4. Election

5. Braveheart

6. Pink Floyd The Wall

7. Being John Malcovich

8. American Beauty

9. Kevin Smith's New Jersey Saga (all five flims, even Mallrats)

10. Vanilla Sky


So many runner-ups, i can't begin to be fair to them all by listing them all.

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Reese Witherspoon's a fine actress and everything, but what she has really impressed me with is her ability to pick good roles. I was so impressed, i made it a policy to see everything she does becasue I have faith in her ability to chose a script to work with. So when Legally Blonde came out, I went to see a movie that I would have normally passed up. I was cute and pretty funny, by no means an Election or Pleantville or Cruel Intentions, but not bad either.

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alright, anyone else wanna give it ago at you top 10 or just a list of 10 favorite flims...Wait I have an idea  :thinking:  how about the 10 worst films??? Thats a lot easier in my opinion...

I hate more movies than I like movies....here goes:


10. The Pest ( I so hate that movie it shouldn't even be called a film it should be called trash!  :D )


9. Texas Ranger (why do people that sing act? Why? why do they put on the cover of the movie an actress that is only on screen like 2 seconds? why do they show something in the preveiw that doesn't even happen in the movie? I hated it  :angry: )


8. Time Machine ( the orginal movie was way better in my opinion even though the effects were a bit cheesey I perfered it)


7. City Slicker 2 (Don't Make Sequals to Movies that Already SUX!  :hmph: )


I'll come back with the rest as I think of which movies I hate most..... :dissappointed:

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Ok so after a long time of thinking about my list which I think is still incomplete.......but here goes nothing



1.) Rocky Horror Picture Show

2.) 28 Days

3.) Miss. Congeniality

4.) Men of Honor

5.) The Prophecy

6.) The Cell

7.) American Beauty

8.) Pay It Forward

9.) Big Daddy

10.) Big

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This is hard, but here goes...


01) Taxi Driver

02) The Empire Strikes Back

03) Amelie

04) The Truman Show

05) Hana-Bi

06) Clerks

07) Desperado

08) Shall We Dance

09) A Clockwork Orange

10) Saturday Night Fever


...In some kind of order of preference! The top 5 are about right, there is so many good films to choose from!

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Yeah, that one's cool, I saw it packed in with the desperado dvd.  That movie is like a step by step guide to making a movie for as little money as possible.  Rodriguez is the king of budgets.  Desperado was made on a romantic comedy budget and mariachi was made on no budget.  DVD has great tips on how to save money when filming, pretty interesting stuff.  He's coming out with a third one called "Once upon a time in Mexico" with Banderas and Selma Heyek returning and William Dafoe and Johnny Depp joining the cast, should be great.

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Nah, i've not seen El Mariachi yet JMT, which is strange 'cause one of my best mates who is an independant film maker keeps talking about and always says he'll borrow it to me!?! I'll be sure to remind him about it the next time he brings it up, which he is almost certain to next time we meet, LOL! I suppose i included Despardo in my Top 10 as i'd seen it recently...twice, and it kinda stuck in my head when i was making my list. As With Saturday Night Fever MLB. You didn't like it? Even when the guy falls from the bridge? Was sort of freaked out myself, powerful stuff! In hindsight, i probably would have put Mean Streets, After Hours, Violent Cop, Raging Bull, Casino, etc (Theres so many films) in there instead, i suppose i was trying to only have one director per film as a criteria for the list. And Amelie...phew, fuckin' excellent film Junkerseed, wasn't it? I don't buy many films (more of a vinyl man), but that HAD to be bought, which i did last week (which at the time of posting i have seen 3 times). Oh, and Shall We Dance, MLB! This was a Japanese film about Ballroom dancing!?! My wife insisted i go to see it with her, when she first asked i thought, a Japanese film about ballroom dancing? This is gonna be a pile of cack! I was very surprised! Just goes to show, sometimes you can't judge a film by it's...eh...title!

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