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Peasant's Quest


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Nevermind; i did it, with benny's help! thanks again man.


ps i liked zelda's ending better.


pps unresolved plot elements:

1) i never got the last item slot full...

2) who was that hiding naked guy behind the tree?

3) i got 148/150..... :D

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I haven't played this in a while but...


1) you have to use the baby properly because he just leaves your ass for one thing....oh! yeah, don't forget to throw him in the river

2) The naked guy has a name, if you talk to he eventually comes out...again I forgot his name, I'll get back to you.

3) I think there is something in the river that you get with the baby (don't remember which river) and then there's an extra point when you say something to Trogdor before he burninates you...I think it

goes over 150 points.

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