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New Batman; the trailer

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Already disappointed. The spirit and the legacy of Bob Kane and Batman raped for marketting purposes. And is it me or this new crapmobile was inspired by the gas guzzling hummer?




Classic TV batmobie:



Or even the comics classic:


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Yeah, batmobile controversies aside, what about this trailerj/flick looks to teabag Bob Kane's vision?

If youre leaning more towards the Adam West 60's portrayl of Bats then, say, Frank Miller's, then its just a perspective thing, as some people actually seem to miss the "hello, chum" Batman of yore.

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I'd personally love to see them do a movie someday that's closer to some of the stuff in the comics. Maybe not Bob Kane, but at least Jeph Loeb (this new one has a lot of plot points lifted from Loeb, but the style seems all Miller). Miller's vision of Batman was great, but it's not the be-all-end-all. It couldn't hurt if they'd expand a little.

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Long Halloween would be cool. I hear that Begins is using a lot of stuff from Long Halloween, actually. Particularly the stuff about the old-school mob being pushed out of Gotham by the rise of the supervillain (the great Tom Wilkinson is playing Carmine Falcone). But even though they're using some plots from Loeb, it looks like the tone is still all Miller, complete with the black armored costume (not Miller's idea specifically, but certainly inspired), the tank of a batmobile (like the one in DKR) and the often-used "Bruce Wayne is the mask" concept of portraying the character. I mean, there's nothing wrong with Miller's vision of the character, I love it just as much as anybody. I just think after the last two films hitting us over the head with camp, and the two before that hitting us over the head with Frank Miller darkness, I'd love to see a Batman that's somewhere between the two extremes, like most of the comics - especially after already seeing Sin City this year.

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