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With GL: Rebirth about to close up (and Scrier's doin a fine job of settin Jordan back up without negating all the cool Parallax stuff i really liked, plus the art's great), some of the ol' fans (read: Alex Ross & H.E.A.T.) are gettin what they want, but personally, i was a fan of Kyle Rayner, and if he's gonna be tossed back into the corps to put the spotlight on the old pilot guy, ill stay around if Scrier's there, but not much longer than that, because i like my characters slightly flawed & more than one dimensional.


But that's just my fanboy bitching about a characte i thought was cool - in concept - since i was a kid, but ive only really gone for a handful of arcs. I dont like the GL villian cast, and for me its like readin Silver Surfer: how is some cosmic guy gonna surf the galaxies, and keep runnin into the same purple-skinned conqueror types? I meet more random people walkin down my own block.


Anyway, this poll's about who's your favorite GL, and why, so let's hear it.

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Me being a life-long Marvel whore I hate DC, fucking shitty shit cocks, I always stayed away from the DCU. Well, except (and don't tell anyone) GL and Green Arrow comic books. They were the only two characters I ever liked. I'm not to familiar with Rayner (other than what I read in Morrisons JLA) so I had to go with the big guy Jordan.

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Oh, you read the classic GA & GL books? By Neal Adams, i think? I downloaded em a while back, been meanin to read them...they live up to the hype?

Mebbe id like Jordan more after that, cause growin up, he was this guy who had a ring that could do anything, and all he did was giant green boxing gloves to hit his enemies with. :D

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Yeah, I read the Adams ones, as far as I remember they were great. At that point of my reading there was no Vertigo that I knew of, alls I knew was Marvel and jack shit else. They were cool 'cause they were smart, and delt with issues that I never really saw in comics. I haven't read them in yonks so God knows what they're like now but I'd say they're still really good.


I also remember a really great story (from "Action Comics Weekly" way back when) by Peter David that was really good. GL went on a TV show, the host looked alot like Oprah, and he was mocked 'cause he was just a ring and nothing else, much like you were saying. Anyways all hell breaks loose and Jordan faced the threat (can't remember what it was now though I can picture a shot of a guy with a samurai sword killing a shop keeper, I think that was up) sans-ring.

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I always liked Kyle too. For me, Hal Jordan has only ever been interesting 1) a very long time ago or 2) when he's tortured, over the edge and destroying things on a massive scale. I just thought Kyle was more interesting in general. Plus, the guy was an illustrator in his normal life, and as a kid I kinda dug that. I liked his costume better too. (shrug)

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I too liked the artist angle of Kyle, Marz had him making much cooler shit with the ring. I also dug the fact he knew he wasnt really "chosen", and he'd never be the greatest GL of all time. I just hope'd theyd evolve him past that chip on his shoulder eventually, and at times they seemed to, but other writers bring him right back down.


His costume was indeed cool (tho the new Jordan logo aint bad)...wish idve read that arc when he was "Ion".

Yeah, i coudnt find icons for Gardner, Ganthet, Kilwog etc so Krypto got it. The only thing i like about Gardner and that stupid mushroom cut he had back then was when Batman knocked him out.


Here's Ross' alternate cover for the new series' # 1:



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I'm sure Ross is happy. I don't think I ever saw him draw Kyle...


Hey remember that time when Gardner became DC's weird version of Wolverine, with huge claws that ripped out of his forearms? What was it he called himself then? That's one of those things I remember from when I was a kid that's so freakin' weird I need someone else to remember it too just to make sure I didn't imagine it.

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Yeah, he outright refused to draw Rayner, ever. That man's such a whiny bitch sometimes. Charity work aside, im not much a fan.


That would be Guy Gardner: Warrior, if im not mistaken. And i know what you mean, i thought like that for years about CapWolf, and Peter Porker: Spider-ham.


S'more art ive enjoyed:





ps did anyone else enjoy that short-lived rumor of Jack Black as a Green Lantern comedy?



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Again, i really wanna like this character, i do. Im waitin to be sold on Hal; Scrier's got me a bit interested, one issue shy of finishing GL: Rebith, we'll see if Geoff Johns keeps it going. Still rootin for Kyle...


Newsarama got the preview; follow the link if its all :D 's.







Others speak highly of Pacheco; i think Jordan's been usin Sinestro's suntan lotion in that last panel.

Not feelin the Top Gun badassery, the cotume, the art, the possible return of a "yellow weakness" (please god no, thats hokey godlen age shit), etc, but im gonna give it a go regardless, and be just as optimist about this as I am about DC All-Stars, somehow.

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Newsarama interviews Geoff Johns


So there was this new series from DC that debuts today – you may have heard of it, as it had a little buzz: Green Lantern. Not just any “Green Lantern,” but, in the eyes of many, “the” Green Lantern – Hal Jordan, fresh from Green Lantern: Rebirth, which brought him back as the earth’s main Green Lantern.


We managed to corner Green Lantern writer Geoff Johns for a few minutes this morning to squeeze a few comments out about Hal, the series, and where things are coming.


Newsarama: First off, whether by accident or design, Hal Jordan has "returned" right smack dab in the middle of a "crisis" in terms of the JLA and the relationship between the satellite era League, which you've already addressed somewhat in Rebirth.


Now as writer of the upcoming JLA arc and of Infinite Crisis, some of it is your own doing, but were you hoping for a grace period at all in terms of reestablishing Hal in the DCU, or do you like that you have deal with these issues right away?


Geoff Johns: I'm not worried about a grace period of Hal Jordan not appearing anywhere outside of his own book, because his appearances are limited until we're well into Infinite Crisis, where Jordan and the GL Corps plays a significant role.


Our goal with Green Lantern is to create a character-driven, sci-fi, super-hero adventure series. A comic book not designed to be paced like cinema or television, but like a comic. So while the monthly series will, of course, re-establish Hal Jordan's life, or what he's trying to make into his life, he'll be interacting with the rest of the DCU because we want to jump right into his story and deal with all of the ramifications of him being "gone" to the public, "corrupted" to the heroes and "dead" to his family. At the same time, we've got to make the monthly accessible for new readers, which is a challenge.


He was a part of the story in Brad's Identity Crisis so it made sense for the story for Hal Jordan to be present in Allan and my JLA arc.


It just made sense to use him.


NRAMA: For fans who maybe aren't dues paying members of HEAT and maybe are sitting on the fence in terms of whether to try this new series at all, can you briefly explain Hal's new status quo that Rebirth set up and the new view of his history since the destruction of Coast City?


GJ: We're approaching GL and trying to design it for people who like heroes in the vein of Indiana Jones, Han Solo and Chuck Yeager. A guy who's been through hell and back, made a lot of mistakes and is trying to rebuild his life and relationships. It's going to have a sci-fi edge to it, full of mysteries and extra-terrestrial detective work -- he is an intergalactic cop. That's as simple as I can make it right now.


NRAMA: That said, where does Hal stand right now in the DCU? Do the heroes, and public at large still consider him a mass murderer, or victim of circumstance and of Parallax?


GJ: We're going the route of the public at large never knowing that Hal Jordan was Green Lantern. To them, Green Lantern was said to be dead. The heroes of the DCU are a different story and their reactions will be seen in GL and the rest of the DCU.


The mass murderer thing will be addressed in a very strange way, around issue #3.


NRAMA: Though Rebirth has been a very strong seller, one could make the argument Hal Jordan though beloved by hardcore fans, wasn't that dynamic a character before the Parallax affair. DC certainly appeared to have trouble sales-wise with his ongoing series which many have speculated was the reason what happened and Kyle Rayner, a younger, "hipper" GL was created.


You obviously have great affection for him, so what about Hal is compelling to you in terms of making him one of DC's biggest stars and worthy of a monthly adventure?


GJ: Hal Jordan, to me, is a classic DC hero in the sense of his attitude, courage and smile. Like I said about he's a little bit of a maverick, gets cocky, has a weakness for women, but he's driven to do the right thing. To try and be the man his father was to him, try to help people that need it and try to do what his duty calls for.


I love Hal Jordan, even though I grew up reading John Stewart as Green Lantern. And I read Kyle's adventures when he took over the lead role and enjoyed them. I still find the whole Hal vs. Kyle debate ridiculous. I don't ever remember people going crazy when it was Hal vs. Guy and I'm not sure why. They're all great characters. And if I ever hear someone say "We won!" again I'm going to shove a plastic Parallax figure down their throat.


Bringing Hal Jordan back is not about winning any silly argument -- getting the Green Lanterns, and all of the Corps members, back into the limelight is winning. And with the monthly, Recharge and other projects coming up, every fan should win. It's all about keeping the mythology alive and progressing it into the future. Kyle Rayner saved the GL franchise when it was dying. Hal Jordan's return hopefully will continue to reinvigorate it as Rebirth has.


You have to take chances, just like Brian has with New Avengers, and it's paid off for that team. People are really into the book and Young Avengers.


NRAMA: You've mentioned in interviews you spent some time doing research into the test pilot aspect of Hal's character and issue #1 thanks the military personnel you spent time with. One doesn't have to see your daily schedule to assume you're a pretty busy guy right now. How big a role with that play in your series and what key does it hold to Hal's character that it required that kind of research?


GJ: We can't set him back at Ferris Aircraft -- those days are over. I wanted to do a whole new setting, new supporting cast, etc. I wanted to get bigger. And if I was going to go for the pilot angle and set the series and Jordan in a military setting with the United States Air Force, I had to get it right if for no other reason than to really understand why someone becomes a pilot. One of my friends was in the Air Force and helped coordinate my trips out to Edwards Air Force Base. I spent the day with test pilots going over everything they did and, again, more importantly why they did it. From their career path that led them here, to their home life and life on the base, the feeling of being in that jet and the small details of customs and language between pilots -- how they got their call sign, nights at Pancho's, class coins, relationships between navs and pilots, etc. Then after that, I pitched them Hal Jordan...who he was, what happened to him and where he ended up after Rebirth. One of the pilots actually had read Emerald Twilight and was a big Green Lantern fan, so he helped decipher it to the other pilots.


I've also kept in contact with a Major (Matthew Yocum) who has been reading the scripts and he's sort of become my technical advisor. He's been invaluable to the USAF side of the book.


I'm heading back up there in a month for some more hands on research - a flight on an F-16. They say I'll do one of three things: 1) Blackout 2) Throw up 3) Both of the above. I'll try and take pictures.


NRAMA: Finally, Hector Hammond's warning at the end of Rebirth #6 - "And won't it be ever so delicious and exciting when THEY find their way back TOO."


1) Does Hammond really say things like "delicious and exciting," and if so, does he have a problem with getting respect from other villains? and 2) Who is he referring to? Is there a yin/yang thing when a hero returns, that their enemies find their way back as well?


GJ: 1) Yes, he says things like that and you'll see why in Ethan's first arc. Hammond doesn't get respect from other villains, he gets fear and uneasiness. After all, who wants to hang out with a guy with a giant head and drools a lot? Ethan and I have talked endlessly about this creep and his role in Jordan's new adventures is going to be fairly significant. I want to see him fight Modok.


2) As to who Hammond is referring to...we're determined to introduce new villains and well as update classic villains and this is just a hint at what's to come. It'll all be explained in Ethan's arc and we'll see a whole new cadre of villains as well as new takes on the Shark and Black Hand. New and classic elements throughout.


Thanks to everyone who is giving the book a shot. Carlos, Jesus, Ethan and Moose have worked incredibly hard on it and Peter Tomasi is continuing to push all of us to do our best work. I hope people enjoy it.

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newsarama has good news for Rayner fans:






He was once one-half of one of comics most “heated” debates. Who is the true and rightful Green Lantern in the DC Universe? Earth Sector 2814 anyway…


While the half of the debate that rooted for the new-ringbearer-on-the-block Kyle Rayner might have had some concerns when DC and Geoff Johns brought back classic GL Hal Jordan with much ballyhoo this past year, they need fear not - young Kyle isn’t being out to pasture. He’ll return in his new heroic identity in a new spring 2006, post-“One Year Later” series Ion written by his creator Ron Marz and penciled by Greg Tocchini (Marvel 1602: New World, Thor: Son of Asgard).


Newsarama caught up with Marz in between Thanksgiving preparations for a few brief words about the new series…


"It's exciting to come back to a character that I had a hand in creating, especially right now”, Marz told Newsarama. “The DC Universe has a real sense of excitement and creation, obviously, and I'm really looking forward to being part of that. It's very nice to be invited to the party. The assignment is especially enticing because this isn't simply a matter of 'going home' again. Yes, I'm writing Kyle Rayner again, but the character is evolving, rather than standing still. Kyle will still be Kyle, but I'm getting to create new situations for him, and new characters around him. This is really going to be the next chapter of Kyle's career."


According to the writer, some of where he and Tocchini will be going with the series its origins in the upcoming Infinite Crisis: Rann-Thanagar one-shot special.


”There's a sacrifice in that story that impacts Kyle in a major way,” revealed Marz. “As it has a number of other times in Kyle's life, tragedy serves as a catalyst. And, of course, Infinite Crisis itself will also play a part in Kyle's future direction."


Marz also said he’s “absolutely thrilled” to be working with Tocchini on the series.


”I've been wanting to collaborate with him since I first saw his work back when I was working at CrossGen. I actually served as his editor when he was doing the DemonWars series, and he also did fill-in issues on various titles, each one better than the last.


”Whenever Greg's latest batch of pages would show up in the office, a number of the artists would stop what they were doing to go look at Greg's work. If you can get the likes of Butch Guice, Steve Epting and Paul Pelletier to put down their pencils and 'ooh' and 'ah' over your pages, you're doing something right.


”When we started talking about artists for Ion, I really campaigned for Greg, and I'm very thankful DC went out and got him. You hear it all the time - that some artist is going to be the next big thing. But I've been doing this long enough to recognize that a talent like Greg doesn't come along every day. He truly is something special, and I think this is the book that's really going to show it."


Look for much more on Ion here at Newsarama in the coming weeks…

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ok, so any DC/superhero fans not currently reading The Sinestro Wars: why not? this event's awesome!


Seriously, i was about to drop this book till the event started off: Sinestro's foremd his own corops, based on control through fear rather than willpower, and now has an army that not only dwarfs the corps, but includes Cyborg, Superboy Prime (!), the Anti-Monitor (yeah, i had to look him up, too) and Parallax...shit's crazy. The lanterns were caught off-gaurd and theyve been getting slaughtered, i think nearly half of them're dead (even Ion got taken outta comission), and the main events of the war (involving Coast City, the entire JLA and all) are just starting, too. Seriously, ive read every issue of the main book, the Green Lantern Corps (never even picked that one up before) and spin-offs and theyve all been solid in the summer blockbuster, crazy-action kinda way.


I understand much of this seems to lead into DC's balls-out event next year, but if the ending for this event is solid, itll be the first big arc ive liked this year. Get on this one when you can, or at least check out the forthcoming trade, cause from what im reading, this is the most fun DC book out right now.

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oh snap, JZA might be broke this week. kinda tempted to get a few myself.



Expect sales on Booster Gold #26, Doom Patrol #4, Adventure Comics #4, R.E.B.E.L.S. #10 and Outsiders #24 to rocket in November. Seriously, each issue could top 100,000 orders or more and see DC dominate the charts with a number of titles that never normally getting the top fifty.


Why? Because sales on these comics, and on Justice League Of America #39 and Blackest Night #5, are tied in to the amount of Lantern Promotion Rings your local comic shop retailer is allowed to order.


The Black Lantern ring giveaway to kick off the Blackest Night event was an immense hit, with demand booming for these chunky stylish collectable black plastic fingerwear, and a call for similar rings to match the different Lantern colours seen in the series went out. And DC listened.


So for every 25 copies of Doom Patrol #4, Booster Gold #26, R.E.B.E.L.S. #10, Outsiders ‘24 and your retailer orders, they can order a bag of fifty Sinestro rings, Agent Orange rings, Indigo Tribe rings and Star Sapphire rings respectively.


And for every 50 copies of Justice League of America#39, Blackest Night #5 and Adventure Comics #4 sees you with a bag of fifty Red Lantern rings, Green Lantern rings and Blue Lantern rings, also respectively.


Each ring will ship every two weeks, Yellow on November 4th, Orange on November 18th, Red on December 2nd, Green on December 16th, Blue on December 30th (well, December 23rd now, I guess, thanks to Comic Book-Free Day), Indigo on January 13th and Violet on January 27th.


Expect some kind of charge however. Retailers have to order large numbers of comic books, often ones that usually don’t sell too well, in order to qualify for the rings. Some retailers may pass that cost on, or ask you to buy the comic in question. Which will probably be a Blackest Night tie in anyway. So it’s not really a hardship…


Just don’t go in expecting some kind of Free Comic Ring Day. And expect some very odd looking chart statistics for the month of November. R.E.B.E.L.S. in the Top Ten? Could happen. People love these rings. Almost as if they were all Agent Orange operatives…

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aw, dont make me feel bad about this. Mart Nodell just died not too long back, man. there was no finding Alan Scott avatars in '05! plus, JSA aside, where've you seen him? i love GL, but ive read staggeringly little of his Golden Age. i dont know many people with those DC archive books.


wait, am i to understand you were prepared to vote Scott over Jordan? interesting. i made this poll when Rayner was still my favorite, so i guess anything can happen.

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