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Fortune Cookies


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Ever wonder how accurate those little sliver of papers are? Take my experiences for example.


It was nothing as obvious as "You're getting laid tonight!" but after a couple of those ominous "Good things are in store for you today" type messages I started wondering how likely it is that someone, through the twists of fortune, that particular cookie ended up in your greasy hands? After a lot of studying and personal investigation (basically I stared at it for 5 minutes) I surmized that perhaps the reading of the fortune triggered a subconcious response and actually acted as a poxy to further push you into action. Okay, I have no idea how to use the word poxy, or what it really means. But it's a dang good looking word and needs more face time. Actually after me and my brother yelling across the house, I come to believe that I invented that word. Poxy! Man I rock. Oh yeah back to the cookie. Poxy ™.


So I had one that read "New opportunities will present themselves".


Okay, now I'm hyped. Does this mean I'll get the long awaited bonus I been hankering for the past few days? Or does that mean that I'll run across two swedish models that are into fun loving, fat latin men? Or will someone drive up and say "here", toss me the keys to a new BMW prototype and run off into the sunset? Hell no, a cookie aint that pimp, but it was fun to imagine all that! So Later that day (in the safety of my home) I hoped on monster and saw that there were some pretty decent jobs out there. So hey it worked out in some way.

So now Im considering giving two weeks notice and getting one of these dozens of jobs availible. Screw the 2hrs travel time to and from work. but then thats when I opened my next cookie.


"Depart not from the path which fate has assigned you"


Oh crap this rocks! I was meant to quit and get one of these better paying jobs.. or wait... does that mean to deal with the one I have now? Fate, you merciless bitch! Why must you toy with me?


Then I spotted a third cookie... hrm.. my mom doesn't seem to keen on eating it...


"It is not in your character to give up"


Maybe that means I should stick out this job. At least when it's not a fortune cookie I'm using as a reason to leave.




I thought the whole episode was halarious and worth noting. But I'm curious to know how far people take a snack seriously. Or at lease any wierd coincidences.



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My feeling on fortune cookies are pretty similar to my feelings on Astrology, btu the "Poxy" phenomenon of which you spoke is commonly refered to as a "self-fulfilling prophecy", that it the prophecy itself helps itself become true by influencing people to believe they are true. A good example would be a paretn telliung their child that they are stupid. The child could easily grow up to believe s/he is stupid and evidently, just be stupid.

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well I like the cookie its fun and you can kinda make it a game and add "in bed" at the end to make you laugh



-''New opportunities will present themselves'' in bed

-''Depart not from the path which fate has assigned you'' in bed

-"It is not in your character to give up" in bed


and now fate is funny

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hahah friggin sweet, but instead how about letting our powers combine!


-''New opportunities will present themselves'' in my pants

-''Depart not from the path which fate has assigned you'' in my pants

-"It is not in your character to give up" in my pants

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