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The SnL Poll

Who was the best SNL cast member?  

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ooouupps kinda fucked up the dana carvey option...I guess click the pic instead of the name if you're voting for him...not that anyone will


Anyways I had to go with Belushi. Anyone from Preacher's probably remember my obsession. I remember watching a video tape of "The Best of John Belushi" every single day when I was younger. It was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. His SNL work is still great.

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Oh man, so manycomic geniuses to choose from. Chris Rock is great, but SNL didn't use him very well, and his potential was only seen in his HBO stand up. If this is a poll on who was the best on SNL, then Rock is definitely not the man.


Man, not love for Kevin Nealon?

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Yeah that stipulation rules out both Rock and Murray for me, despite being two of the funniest men alive. What about Darrell Hammond? I don't think he'd have a chance to win the poll, but he was the best one in the cast for a few years there.

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yea as SNL performers, Rock never got used to his potential. Nealon is good, but I dont think the best. Farely and Farrell go all out and are def at the top of the list. Its hard to not say martin akroyd or murray cuz they are so established now. Hartman was an icon. I think between farely, ferrall, and hartman, I have to go with philly, So hartman it is.


but belushi's chef one where he uses the sword to cut everything, I will always remember that one.

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Yeah, i cant argue that Rock and Murray didnt get their full potential, and i honestly dont remember Franken much.


Im not as big a fan of Nealand and Dana as others, and always thought Norm was just above hackery, personally. Meadows gets points for hanging in so long.


Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Sandler, Spade, Farley, Hartman, Miller etc all have bits thatre memorable for me; i watched old stuff but dont recall Chevy as much as i oughta. At the moment, im honestly leaning towards Farell only cause he was there durin one of the slow spots where i swear i watched just for him, and only when he wasnt doin the tired-ass cheerleader bit.

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