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Favorite Serenity qoute (beware: may be spoilers)


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Not gonna get any of these completely accurate but what the hell...


-If I'm not back in an hour, you take the ship...and come rescue me!

-And risk my new ship?


-This is your captain, we may be experiencing some turbulance and then...explode.

-We're gonna explode? I don't wanna explode!


-Dear Buddha, I would like a pony and a plastic rocket...


-Yes I have read a poem. Try not to faint.


The funny ones are easier to remember, but there was also a lot of poignant stuff that I liked.


-It doesn't matter what you believe, just believe.





And of course, what will now forever be a classic kick ass line


-Let's be bad guys

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Once again, Joss Whedon has fillied his creation with brilliant dialogue.  Anybody care to share their favorite qoutes?


*rubs hands together excitedly* OHHH there's so many!!!



The exchange between Mal and Jayne :pinch: arguing about River and Simon:


Mal: You wanna run this ship?

Jayne: Yes.


Mal: Well... You can't.



When the crew (Mal, Zoe, Jayne, and River) comes back from a nearly-skanked job which included (but was not limited to) nearly being blown up when entering Atmo', being chased by Reavers, and crashing the Mule, Simon comes out of the infirmary to check on River, and Kaylee comes running from the engine room to find out if Simon, who was never on the job, is okay.


Mal: (incredulous) Is HE okay??



Wash: (repeated) I am a leaf on the wind; Watch how I soar.



Kaylee: (after Simon finally 'fesses up about his feelings for her in a we're-gonna-die-anyway moment) Hell with this! *cocks gun* I wanna live!



(Addressing Fanty and Mingo, the twins he pulls the nearly-skanked job for)

Mal: Fanty, Mingo

Mingo: I'm Fanty, he's Mingo.

Mal: He's Fanty, you're Mingo.

Mingo: How do you always know?

Mal: Fanty's prettier.



(Discussing the torch that Kaylee carries for Simon)

Kaylee: Been more'n a year since I had anything 'twixt my nethers didn't run on batteries!

Mal: (incredulous) HEY! I Didn't need to hear that!

Jayne: I could stand to hear a little more...



(Discussing how much - or how little - is known about River)

Mal: She is a .. might unpredictable. Mood swings of a sort.

The Operative: It's worse than you know.

Mal: It usually is.



Wasn't funny, but a few memorable quotes:


Kaylee: Wait a minute, Wash! Where's Wash?

(reverent moment of realization)

Zoe: He ain't comin'.



Mal: You fog things up, twist me around inside. I wish the hell you were somewhere else.

Inara: I was.




*sigh* I just... just loved this movie. Saw it last night, saw it tonight, and if I could afford it I'd go see it again every night this week.

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Yeah, Wash's qoute: "I am a leaf on the wind; Watch how I soar." (especially touching, all things considered)

and Kayle's: Kaylee:

"Hell with this!" *cocks gun* "I wanna live!"


Kaylee: "Been more'n a year since I had anything 'twixt my nethers didn't run on batteries!"

Mal: (incredulous) "HEY! I Didn't need to hear that!"

Jayne: "I could stand to hear a little more..."


Are probably my favorites. I need to see this movie again.


...Ah... upon further consideration (especially after that last quote), I probably shouldn't have said that in an ambiguous manner. Heh. :pinch:

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"One day, Sheperd, you're gonna have to tell me how you know all these things about the Alliance."

"...No i don't."


"Yeah, shrapnel from the war took out those nerves." (paraphrased)


so many lines....i need to see this again.

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A few more of my faves:


Mal: "Doctor, I'm taking your sister under my protection. If anything should happen to her, anything at all, I swear to you - I will get very choked up. Honestly. There might even be tears."



Jayne: "Hell, I'll kill a man in a fair fight, or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if he bothers me... or if there's a woman... or if I'm gettin' paid. Mostly only when I'm gettin' paid."

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