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Favourite colour, depends on my mood, but i've always had a penchant for Green! Was it robert de niro in Meet the Parents who said, "Geniuses choose Green!" Other times it can be blue!!!


Music, well i'll listen to anything really, i go through phases, at the minute i'm really digging some UK bands called Kaiser Chiefs, and Kasabian. But also love my fave bands Foo Fighters, Oasis, Prodigy all of which i'll see this year before christmas. I've been known to like some Old Skool dance music, ie from the nineties!!


Sharks, nothing against em personally, well they have been round since prehistoric times, so who am i to argue, cept if one of the fuckers was trying to chew my leg off, then i might dislike them! I'd like to experience shark swimming, my friends did it and said it was awesome...


Keep em coming people!!

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Green is mine also, and sometimes pink but only when Im feeling girlie which isnt often.


What do you do for a living?

What do you do in your spare time?

Is Nanno as great as she seems?

Have you ever broken any bones?


Do you believe in miracles?

Do you like Math?

Do you go to the library?

o you realize these are all stupid questions and Im wasting your time?

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What Do I Do For A Living?


Currently i am a Mortgage Adviser, i was previously an investments admin, but i've changed jobs to be a MA, more money, and i'm working closer to home!


What do i do in my spare time?


Well i have a few hobbies, i love spending time with Nanno, doing stuff together, but i also enjoy playing soccer, which i do twice a week. I'm also in the Army reserve so thats a hobby too


Is nanno as great as she seems?


Yes she is, she's a whole lot more too, she really is great :blink:


Broken Bones & Stiches


Yes, nothing too serious, Broken thumb, and metacarbal, also had stiches in my head when i was younger



Me i'm skeptical, but its a miracle when a bum like me can snag a beaut like nanno!



I used to love math, then in high school i'd a teacher who killed my passion for it!



No, haven't been to the library in years, infact since i lost two books of theirs....


Stupid Questions

No such thing as a stupid question.... keep em coming

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C& J


Spare time/hobbies, didn't i answer that? I like sports(soccer, golf), reading, and other extra curricular activities! :D


I like to read history, and fiction, i loved angels and demons by Dan Brown, and i really liked the LOTR


I watch movies, tv, anything really, i really love the simpsons, family guy, and ren and stimpy. The best tv shows though are the likes of the Sopranos, and 24, and Lost, which is excellent.


Something i've done since i was a kid, i guess play soccer. i still do that!




Middle name is robert


Phobias, none really, don't like bees or wasps!


Useless talents, well i can come up with useless facts seemingly at the most inappropriate time!


Yeah i'd love to hang glide


Dancing and me don't usually mix unless i'm pisseD!

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why isn't anyone asking you questions? I dont really know that much about you, what are you passionate about, besides your gorgeous Nanno? Do you smoke? I know youd rink from all the pictures that are posted of you :) What's your favorite thing to drink? Are you as open about sex as Nanno is? Some guys aren't. What's your favorite food? Given the choice, what would you rather explore. the ocean or space?

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I dunno why no one is asking me questions :)


Anyway, i'm also passionate about soccer, just ask nanno that, particularly Manchester United and the Irish Team which has just failed to qualify for next years world cup! :pimp:


Don't smoke, never have, just never appealed to me


Favourite drink, i change my fave drink quite often, depending on my mood, i love a nice ice cold pint of Bulmers (magners) cider, or Heineken, but i really love Morgans Spiced and Coke, or Gin and Tonic, need less to say i'm an alco


Sometimes i'm open about sex, its one of my passions after all!


Fave food, i love indian cooking, its so full of flavour!


I'd love to explore the ocean


Where do i want to visit? I really dunno, there is so much to do and see, i really want to see florida, and NYC again.


Fave drinks covered above


Music, thats a toughy, i have quite a varied taste, love Prodigy, they're awesome, but i also like Oasis, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, QOTSA, and many many more!


Work, i am currently a Mortgage Adviser


Sport, its gotta be Soccer for me, i also love golf, gaelic football, hurling, ice hockey.


3 Places!? hmmmm i'll come back to you on that one!!

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7 lucky questions for my Irish brother...



1.) Tell me about the Blarney Stone.


2.) What are five things I MUST do in Ireland and Five places I MUST visit to truly appreciate a trip to Ireland.


3.) What sports event might I enjoy while over there?


4.) 5 Irish drinks that I would love. (Exclusives)


5.) What are the best Irish food dishes to try over there?(Exclusives)


6.) 2 things I absolutly MUST bring back with me from Ireland. What kind of clothes should I bring/ Weather?


7.) Where's the best place to meet Irish women? Cute and smart ones.

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1: Blarney stone, don't know much about it apart from its in Cork, and if you kiss it, you get good luck or something like that!


2: Places to visit would be Hill of Tara, Newgrange, Glendalough, Dublin City, Connemara, 5 things to do, obviously have a pint of the black stuff, at the guinness brewery! Tour Dublin city to get a history of the city/country, Visit Newgrange and do the tour, better around the solstice but thats hard to get, its older than the pyramids! The wicklow mountains have some amazing scenery around them and go on a pub crawl in lil ol Navan (where i live) where there are like 50 pubs in the town !


3: Well take your pick, i'd recommend either Gaelic Football or Hurling at Croke Park, amazing! Legalized Thugary!!


4: Well the exclusives would be Guinness, Midleton whiskey (expensive) Smithwicks, Bulmers and Cork Dry Gin


5: Irish food... wow, don't normally eat Irish food cos we're all so americanised over here, but a couple of the oldies stand out which i like, Irish Stew, Coddle, Bacon and Cabbage with spuds! so things like that, normally only cooked at home, but some places still sell em!


6: Bring back? Thats a tough one, you should bring back a bit of turf from the hill of tara, one of the most significant places in ireland, it was the throne of the old high kings of ireland, and you should also bring back the memories of visiting the motherland of all things drink and green!


7: In fairness, Irish women are great, very intelligent and smart, so you can meet them in almost any pub.


PS sorry for the delay in replying! Merry Christmas!

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Okay since you been such an avid contributor to my "Ask me" thread, I will do some contributing of my own :howyoudoin:


1. Been to the movies within the past month? If yes, which did you see and which would you recommend?

2. Favorite food and drinks?

3. Favorite genre of books?

4. Most interesting places you visited within the past 5 years?

5. What branch of the military are you in, and do you enjoy the military life?

6. Biggest pet peeves?

7. Favorite activities?

8. Are you really THAT threatened by my flirtings with Nanno? :2T:

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Cheers acalis, this thread was dying a death!


1: Last month, yeah we were i think the last film we saw was Doom, i liked it, nanno hated it, but it was good in parts. Next up is Kong when i get a free minute!


2: Fave food, i love indian cooking, although its impossible to get good ones over here, so thats why i love going to the uk, they have amazing cooking. Also really like Italian, and traditional irish cooking, such as bacon and cabbage with potatoes, and Roast Beef. Favourite drinks. Too many to mention, didn't i say i am a borderline alco :howyoudoin: I love Heineken lager, drink that all the time, also like belgian beer, especially Leffe Blonde, Hoegaarden, and Stella Artois. In relation to spirits i try anything once, but faves would be Morgan Spiced & Coke, Gin & Tonic or Lemon, Bacardi with squeeze of lime juice and soda, JD Single Barrel & Coke, also tried at the weekend, Baileys & Creme De Menthe, tastes like mint ice cream.... yum!!


3: Like millions of people i love the work of tolkien, not only the LOTR but the others like the hobbit and silmarillion, excellent, but i like to read fiction, like dan brown's work, but also like historical / autobiographical stuff. At the minute i'm reading a book called Casa Nostra about the sicilian mafia, very interesting.


4: Most interesting places i've visited in the last 5 yrs? I guess New York stands out there, it was my first time in the states, and the place just blew me away, i love it, i'd really like to go there again some day. Lanzarote (spanish island) was where me and nanno went on our 1st real holiday, and i loved it, the place is so relaxing.


5: I'm a reservist, so i'm not full time in the army, by day i'm a mortgage advisor, and in my spare time i'm a Corporal in the 65th Infantry Battallion of the Irish Reserve Defense forces. Its great fun, i get to shout at peole with good reason plus i get to shoot all sorts of weapons!


6: Pet peeves, people who hold back, as in don't tell you the full story just to fuck you up. Also people who are just bastards, as in they are just nasty for the sake of it, that really annoys me. But normally i don't let people get to me, they can't help it if they're cunts!


7: Favourite activities, quite a few. I like sports, both playing and watching soccer, golf, which i've only taken up recently, hill walking, going to the gym (which i don't do enough just ask nanno :gross: ) reading, watching DVDs, tv, surfing the net, meeting friends for beer, and going to the cinema.


8: Me, threatened, no i'm not, if i was u i'd watch out though, cos she's known to knee blokes in the balls if they go too far!!! True story. :???:


I know its all harmless, so i'm easy going enough.


Keep em coming people.

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You gave me some attention, so I'll return the favor.


Your favorite album? (I know it's hard for most people, but if you had to choose)

Your favorite author?

Do you call it 'soccer' or 'football'?

You ever read any comics?

Like any anime?

Speak any languages 'sides English?

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Favourite album of all time, my god thats a tough one. Can i give you three. Music for the Jilted Generation by Prodigy, Oasis - Whats the Story (Morning Glory) and Foo Fighters - Colour and the Shape. Three albums i could listen to all day without going crazy.


Fave author, don't really stick to one, though i like Dan Brown, Stephen King, James Patterson, and of course Tolkien


I call it football, except every one in ireland calls it soccer because of Gaelic Football, but i grew up in the UK so i'm special!


Yeah i have read comics. I used to read Xmen, Batman, and Superman, but Dave (KoS) introduced me to some bitchin comics, such as The Punisher, Preacher, Transmetropolitan, Lone Wolf and Cub, and Ghost Rider, can't bring myself to read comics since he left!! :yup:


Anime, i love manga, haven't seen much lately though, but i i grew up on Akira, Vampire Hunter D, and Dominion Tank Police, oh and Devil Boy.


Used to speak french and spanish in school, and kind of am able to speak irish only by giving commands! Cos i'm in the Army reserve here!!

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Can you speak or understand Gaelic? Does anyone over there really speak it, or is it more of a ceremonial language or something?


What are your overall opinions of Britons? Is it true that Irish and Brits don't get along too well over there?


If you can accomplish one thing in your life before you die, what would it be?


And finally, if I offered you $1,000,000, would you let me borrow Nanno for a weekend? :)

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No i can't understand any of it, however to learn the language is compulsory in schools and in certain areas of ireland all they speak is irish, normally the places out west, such as the Aran Islands. I would love to learn to speak it though


Well me personally i've no problem with them, however irish people in general have the whole 700 yrs of oppression chip on their shoulder due to English colonialism, after all ireland is only just over 89 years old. The IRA is a result of the fight for freedom and in there you'll find lots of people who hate britons, so it is true.


Accomplish one thing in life? My god what a deep question, with numerous answers, so i'm gonna hedge my bets, i would love to travel the world, i know sounds wosy but i'd love to do that.


And as for your indecent proposal, $1m = €823,000.00 so make it a cool €1m and we'll talk! Only kidding, Nanno is priceless, and no amount of money would tempt me... :)

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