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Yes 'fraid so! But not the time of the month your thinkin' about...





It's that time of the month! There's been a lot of changes this time round. The GALLERIES remain the same as always (i'll get that Preacher pic up sometime IC), but the FEATURES has undergone a wee bit of a change! Gone are...


'Vilain Of The Month',

What's On Bri's Stereo This Week',

'Public Health Warning'

& 'Are You A Fan Of...'


In thier places are...

'Bri's Merchandise Page' (soon to be changed too),

'Soul Suckin Jerk' (catch up with my ebay alter ego!)

& comin soon...i dunno, i've still got to work on it!


Oh, & 'Babe of the Month' is gone too! But don't panic, it's simply been replaced by the all new...




On the LINKS front, there is the new 'I.Q' & 'Jailbait Or Legal' tests (Cheers SoF).


May The Force Be With You!


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Nice site.


By the way, are you proud in your lack of Windows knowledge (and there's nothing wrong with that) or would you like to know how us people using it can view the full pictures on your page?


If the latter, you can do it by right-clicking the image, going to properties, highlight and copying the address, and pasting it in yer address bar.


If putting that on each page seems like a bit of a waste of time, then I agree. Just though I'd mention it.

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Me? Proud of my lack of windows knowledge? Nah! Seriously though thanx Lizard, when i get time i'll maybe update it. On another note IC, i'm gonna include DD in a new links section this week. You know how beside every feature, game, etc, there is a small paragraph of explanation? Well, what do you want me to say? I'll check in this thread later or PM if you like!

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:D heywhazzat huh? Oh, right right...

Uhm, Yahven uses "home of some crazy mofos" but id say "great place to shoot the shit, featuring a philosophy corner, fight club, 2 bars and finally, an RPG! 10% fewer wankers."

Hey, next time ya pimp the site, lets see some sketches!

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