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A Hondonian Story


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Uncle IC, could you read us a bedtime story, huh? please?

you kids all tucked in?



Heeeere we go.....


A Hondonian Story


Once upon a time, not long ago,

when people posted in here and the board was slow

When Freebird was around, and Heartless too,

before Benny starting acting like an old-school shrew,

There lived a new poster, who was misled,

by an evil 2Track, and this is what he said:

"Me and you, Panch, we gonna make some posts,

Jackin' avatars from coast to coast."

They did the job, and people started to fuss,

but pancho couldnt stop, like when he's bout to bust;

He robbed acalis and archangel, Silent Bob and IC,

tried to rob Skeeter, then it burned when he peed.

Skeeter grabbed his dong, he started acting erratic,

he said "zip it up, panch, no need for static",

Punched him in the kindeys, and he gave him a slap,

but little did he know that panch had the clap...

Panch grabbed his hands and said "Hulk you aint!"

Then put his Thing grip around Skeet's taint...

Skeeter shat himself; pancho starts to figure,

"arnah's gonna kill me if i jack this nigga!",

So he, damon dash'd, and ran around the block,

Chief radios in to another lady-cock

He ran by the pubs, there he saw TulipO,

shot for the head, he shot back & hit Lobo,

Looked around good, and didnt even care,

so he decided he'd head for the big Town Square,

But (what?) Isa was coming and he made a left,

he was runnin' top speed till he was outta breath,

Knocked Andy Varley down, and swore he killed him, (sorry!)

then he made his move to the Crap Shack building,

waddled up the stairs up to the top floor,

opened up the door there, guess who he saw (KOS)?,

Dave! and his brother, straight shootin' dope,

(Jont don't know the meaning of water nor soap),

He said "I need Jax, put down that crack!"

but KOS called up MusicManiac,

So they, went out, but saw Pythagoras,

and they couldnt jack a ride, so they had to take the bus,

Raced up the block doing 38,

crashed into a grate near Devil's Advoc8,

Escaped alive, though the bus was a loss,

called up LeakyBucket but he didnt give a toss,

Ran out of numbers and still wernet alone,

grabbed up MetalHeart and pulled out bananaphones,

Pointed at her head and he said the phone was full o' pee

and told the cops "back off, or no more EEEEE!",

Deep in their hearts, they knew they were wrong,

so they let MH go and tried to run on,

Signal pounded, they seemed astounded, and,

before long the team-up got surronded...

They dropped their pants, and with it, their glory,

and this is the way I gotta end this story...

they found em, how? A2A in front of BK,

someone took the image down, but it still seemed gay

This ain't funny, so don't dare reply,

just poor panch meetin the wrong guy,

Avoid 2T or catch a load in the eye.....g'nite.


knock em out the bout, nick...knock em out nick



"If a dope lyrical flow is a must, you've got to run with a name you can quickly trust.."

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