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An Inquiry With Aartemys

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Princess Meia found it online and booked the room and that was the first time i'd been there, but most likely will not be the last!

I heard about it cuz my ex had stayed there once before with her best friend, so she told me about it, I looked it up andI thought it was awesome, so I was like "Hell, let's go!"


If you thought the Park Shore was amazing, I know 2 other hotels you will surely love. First, the Sandpiper Gulf Resort in Ft. Myers Beach. It's right on the beach itself, and the room is as awesome as Park Shore. Also the Celebrity Resort up in Palm Coast is AWESOME-AND-A-HALF, and just 30 minutes from either Daytona and St. Augustine.

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How would you feel if benny tried to incorporate leet or wow speak into your vows


Interesting...I don't know if the priest will go for that

how would you feel if he tried incorporating it into the bedroom??


Heh. I can assure you that he will have plenty of solo-loving...

lol... oh that's silly MH


So, what's ur social? Date and place of Birth? The street you grew up on? The name of your favorite pet? What year did you graduate? Spare no details!!!


Funny. Really.

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seriously... if u had to leave Miami, what city would you relocate to?





I'm actually not too fond of Miami and I've never made it a secret. Ben and I are flirting with the idea of moving back to his hometown of Concord, NH when we're ready to start the baby factory. I've always wanted to live in Naples, FL and I've also looked into buying in Ave Maria, FL. But again...anywhere but here. The only thing that has ever held me back is my family, since we are such a tight-knit crew and I would miss them terribly.

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What's your favorite flavor of Pringles?


Is there a salt & vinegar variety? I don't really eat pringles...


What's for dinner?


Yesterday: Spicy Chicken & Chorizo with Rice


Today: Pork loin, sweet potatoes & onions served on a bed of rice cooked in apple juice...YUMMM!

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