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Haven't gotten a chance to see it yet. And judging from the box office, neither has anyone else. But it got pretty good reviews, it has a great cast, it's directed by a talented newcomer (Matthew Vaughn also directed Layer Cake, by the way...and he was the first choice to replace Bryan Singer on X3) and it's from a Neil Gaiman story. I've no doubt it's worth watching.


Oh yeah, and Ricky Gervais is in it. And Robert DeNiro plays a transvestite. Doesn't that settle it?

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Metalheart certainly is a ringing endorsement.


Another great endorsement is from Neil Gaiman himself:


'I'm so relieved,'' Gaiman says of the film version of Stardust, which opens today in area theaters. ``You're always worried. It's like sending your children off to boarding school, and you're hoping they're going to come back the sweet, lovable children you sent off and not come home with tattoos and piercings and bones through their noses. That happens all the time in Hollywood.''

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see, again, i read it back in like 2001 i wanna say? it was 4 short prestige ones from Vertigo, unless im mixing shit up, but the trailer i saw didnt look like what i recall much.


Lets just say they had to leave stuff from the book to make a movie. By that I mean a shit load of stuff. I can leave you the book next time I see you just so you know what I mean.

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